1989 REVELL 1/400 SOVIET Typhoon SSBN plastic model kit / "Red October"


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Jun 3, 2006
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Just listening to the audiobook "The Hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy on my way to work this week.
I have read the book in the last 20 years nearly 6 times, but even today I notice details different to my memory of the book and movie.
I remember seeing the plastic kit model of the Soviet Typhoon SSBN plastic model kit in a toy shop in the early 1990's. At that time there was no clear picture of the real Project 941" Akula" Typhoon SSBN submarine below the waterline.
The first model kits by REVELL had an external sonar bulge at the bow.
With that "nose" and the "beavertail" the model kit looks really like an animal. ::) [/size]
I know, this model kit and later issues don't have the same details as the real Typhoon sub.

So I see this model as a naval "Mig-37E". ;) :D
Red October is a fictional variant of the massive Soviet Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine, the largest ever designed. In the book it was equipped with an impellor-based tunnel drive system, but in the movie this was changed to a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) drive system, using two tunnels alongside the submarine's propellers.
Red October herself was a model, and featured an unavoidable error: while photographs of the Typhoon had circulated in the West, nobody outside the intelligence community knew what it looked like below the waterline. The common image (as seen in many model kits and the movie) had two large exposed propellers, eight torpedo tubes and a "beavertail" rudder. The real submarine had six torpedo tubes, and shrouded propellors with twin rudders directly behind them. In fact, some Soviet photographs were manipulated to remove the propeller cowls.
The shootout at the end of the movie takes place in a large room surrounding the ballistic missile tubes; this is also a somewhat unavoidable error, since at the time the submarine's unorthodox internal arrangement of seven separate pressure hulls was not widely known. In reality there is one pressure hull each side of the missiles, but the SLBMs themselves are surrounded by a ballast tank.



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