The above designation is incorrect. The 6-engine strategic turbojet bomber depicted here is the Douglas Model 1155, which was derived from the DC-6 airliner.
The Douglas 1856 designation belongs to a DC-8 in-flight refueling tanker study.


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Thanks!! Super. :D Anyway it's a very beautifuil model.

I discovered that the Douglas Model-1377 was hypersonic manned
rocket bomber project for the 1955 competition,the other contenders
were Bell,Convair,McDonnell,Northamerican and Republic.
Does any one know those proposals.
Details of the Bell, Convair, Douglas, Martin, McDonnell, North American, and Republic proposals are available at Encyclopedia Astronautica. The competition you mention was called to RoBo (Rocket Bomber) competition.
My dear Scott,

of course your works are very great and interested as always,and can I ask you if you
include Goodyear Piggyback,which intended to be a carrier for the B-47 in the book ?.
Per Hesham's note above, here is a short blurb from a November 1955 Aviation Week. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere so feel free to remove if it's a duplicate.
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