strategic air command

  1. Dronescapes

    A rare video about the B-47 Stratojet and some programs surrounding it [VIDEO]

    A rare video about the B-47 Stratojet and some programs surrounding it
  2. isayyo2

    American Response to the R-36 - Titan II Successor

    A more theoretical question than alternative history, was there any interest within SAC to develop a "Heavy" ICBM to match the R-36's capabilities? If so, could it fit within the existing Titan II launch sites? Titan II and R-36 are somewhat surprisingly similar in diameter and height, though...
  3. N

    McDonnell ADM-20 Quail decoy

    Does anyone have any links or documents concerning technical data about the ADM-20 Quail?
  4. overscan (PaulMM)

    Boeing B-47 Stratojet & B-52 Stratofortress; Origins & Evolution by Scott Lowther

    The famous B-52 Stratofortress has been in service with the USAF for more than 65 years and its iconic shape is known and recognised all over the world. Yet the B-52 and its predecessor, the B-47 Stratojet, started out looking very different indeed. Each aircraft was the end product of a lengthy...
  5. galgot

    Ws-110 model 804 Boeing entry

    Couldn't find a specific thread on that one, so here. Found this small image of a model : And
  6. XP67_Moonbat

    Unbuilt XB-70 variants

    Here you go you, folks! Looking for art of the Convair shuttle for Orion and I found this. It's a good imagining of many uses for the XB-70 IF it hadn't stayed a prototype. Enjoy! ;D
  7. P


    From wiki Common Missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile project, developed to satisfy U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force operational system requirements for both SLBM and silo-launched ICBM, defined in the 1978 commonality study. Description...
  8. V

    Lockheed L-248-3 nuclear-powered flying wing bomber

    In Bill Rose's book Secret Projects: Flying Wings and Tailless Aircraft, there is mention of an outrageously colossal design for a nuclear-powered flying wing bomber by Lockheed, the L-248-3. The specs for the L-248-3 are as follows judging from what's contained in the book: Length: 89 ft Span...
  9. C

    Soviet air defences and the SR-71

    Apparently the SR 71 was able to evade Soviet air defences simply because it travelled too fast. The reason I am interested in this is that there were proposals in 1960/61 for a British ramjet missile (OR 1182) which would fly at speeds in excess of M = 2 and at high altitude. A report was...
  10. Boxman

    Movie "Strategic Air Command" (1955) Coming to Blu-Ray FINALLY! October 2016

    Just learned that the movie "Strategic Air Command" (1955), which starred Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson and the Convair B-36 (not necessarily in that order) is finally to be released in High-Definition (1080P) Blu-Ray format on 18 October 2016 While I cannot vouch for the quality of the...
  11. RAP

    General Dynamics Convair Division Boost-Glide Vehicle (BGV)

    Interesting model. Also has pics of other models that look will be up for auction soon.
  12. Triton

    Boeing B-52J / B-52 Re-Engining

    "B-52 Re-engine Resurfaces As USAF Reviews Studies" Oct 10, 2014 Bill Sweetman | Aerospace Daily & Defense Report Source:
  13. Triton

    Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker

    Boeing KC-135 model with winglets found on eBay. Source: Seller's description:
  14. S

    Silo costs 1960s.

    Silo costs 1960s. What were the Titan 2 silo costs (1960$)? What were the 1960 Blue Streak silo cost estimates? How did they compare? How did they compare with Polaris costs?
  15. Michel Van

    To wish B-52 a happy birthday

    man time goes by On April 15, 1952 the Prototype of B-52 rolled out Hangar at Boeing for 60 year B-52 is backbone of USAF strategic Bombing carry nuke during cold war , bomb vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbian back in stone age and NASA NB-52B Launch X-15, D-21, X-38, X-24, M2-F3, HL-10 ...
  16. sferrin

    Bendix « Talos Land System » as possible ICBM interceptor

    Ideas? (I know what it is but the site I got it from is a rare treat. Just wondering if anybody else had seen it. :-) )
  17. Y

    260" SRM - as an ICBM

    Whilst looking for information on studies for 156" solid rockets applied to ICBMs, I came across this presentation on ATK's large motors. Buried in there is the notion of an ICBM using a 260" solid rocket motor for the first stage of an ICBM - no mention of what the second stage is, other than...
  18. Stargazer

    Weapons Systems 118P: the North American Aviation proposals

    Weapons Systems 118P called for high altitude reconnaissance aircraft proposals and was the forerunner of aircraft such as the B-70 Valkyrie and SR-71 Blackbird. Scott Lowther, a.k.a. Orionblamblam, had done a great deal of work to make the WS-118P proposals available on his blog and in his...
  19. Stargazer

    Tanker Transport Training System (TTTS) USAF competition

    In the late 1980s, the USAF reassessed its training missions. The aging T-37s and T-38s could not be refurbished and uphauled indefinitely, and so new specifications were to be drafted. JPATS would provide a primary trainer for future pilots; and TTTS would provide a platform for future tanker...
  20. bobbymike

    Clustered Atomic Warhead (CLAW) Project and Titan III

    From what appears to be a book abstract by Maurice F. Crommie. His website has this in his resume Dec 1962 - Sept 1971 Consulting Engineer, Senior Scientist and Project Leader in strategic nuclear weapon design at General Electric, McDonald Douglas, Stanford Research Institute, Conductron...
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