strategic air command

  1. overscan (PaulMM)

    Boeing B-47 Stratojet & B-52 Stratofortress; Origins & Evolution by Scott Lowther

    The famous B-52 Stratofortress has been in service with the USAF for more than 65 years and its iconic shape is known and recognised all over the world. Yet the B-52 and its predecessor, the B-47 Stratojet, started out looking very different indeed. Each aircraft was the end product of a lengthy...
  2. galgot

    Ws-110 model 804 Boeing entry

    Couldn't find a specific thread on that one, so here. Found this small image of a model : And
  3. Wyvern

    Unbuilt XB-70 variants

    Hello everyone, Whilst reading through the latest coverage from "The Drive", I found an interesting article that might be of interest to the members of this forum. The article discusses the plethora of unbuilt variants of North American's XB-70. There were numerous variants planned, some of...
  4. Triton

    Rockwell B-1 Lancer

    1/60-scale Rockwell International B-1B found on eBay. URL:
  5. S

    Weapons Systems 118P: the North American Aviation proposals

    Weapons Systems 118P called for high altitude reconnaissance aircraft proposals and was the forerunner of aircraft such as the B-70 Valkyrie and SR-71 Blackbird. Scott Lowther, a.k.a. Orionblamblam, had done a great deal of work to make the WS-118P proposals available on his blog and in his...
  6. bobbymike

    Clustered Atomic Warhead (CLAW) Project and Titan III

    From what appears to be a book abstract by Maurice F. Crommie. His website has this in his resume Dec 1962 - Sept 1971 Consulting Engineer, Senior Scientist and Project Leader in strategic nuclear weapon design at General Electric, McDonald Douglas, Stanford Research Institute, Conductron...
  7. convairxf92

    Early F-101 Voodoo designs - mockups and models

    Does anyone have a photo of the McDonnell F-101 Mockup, model 36W? I'd like to build a 1/144 scale version of the plane and, despite the fact that I've got five different Voodoo books as well as Steve Pace's XF-88 book, I cannot find a drawing or a pic of it. Thanks. - Jim Kelsey
  8. RyanC

    ZAGM-86A and AGM-86B ALCM

    The Midget ALCM and the one we know and love!
  9. RyanC

    North American B-70 Valkyrie

    Okay guys; here's the information on the planned PRODUCTION model B-70A Valkyrie. See; there were to be three aircraft built originally for the program, plus production models. Air Vehicle #1; whi ;Dch became the XB-70A. Air Vehicle #2; which became the XB-70B. Air Vehicle #3; which was to be...
  10. flateric

    Full-scale B-1A '2D Mock-up'

    Quite a little known fact that in order to save money and meantime to demonstrate its proposal to Air Force Source Selection Board members, NAR has built full-scale B-1A '2D Mockup' (with a significant use of Kodak equipment). Mock-up was completed just in 3 days. Source: Kodak Studio Light...
  11. robunos

    B-57 combat transport

    while researching for the 'pave gat' thread, i came across this, in 'B-57 Canberra at war 1964-1972', "As the first B-57s came off the production line in june 1954, Martin proposed to the AF a 'Utility Courier' based on the basic Canberra airframe. A passenger compartment seated 6-11 extende...
  12. B

    The "Boron Bomber"

    0011 is only part of a page for an advert for Boron fuel (pure fantasy then I reckon). I have the whole ad in "All American Ads of the 60's (or 50's!)" but that book is buried deep in a cupboard at the moment. Regards, Barry ps I think they are overflying a Boron facility!
  13. flateric

    B-1A/B help needed

    If someone happy to have hi-res version of these North American Rockwell PR drawings (NA-73-400, Rev 9-83), I would be very obliged for sharing them with me. Thank you.
  14. P

    Lockheed jet tanker

    I asked on the warships1 board whether the USAF had looked at a tanker version of the DC-8 in case there were problems with the KC135 and got a reply back saying that Lockheed had proposed a jet tanker that was apparently the favourite at one time. The USAF bought the KC-135 purely as a...
  15. overscan (PaulMM)

    General Dynamics F-111 Projects

    Air International Jan 1978