Movie "Strategic Air Command" (1955) Coming to Blu-Ray FINALLY! October 2016


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5 May 2007
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Just learned that the movie "Strategic Air Command" (1955), which starred Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson and the Convair B-36 (not necessarily in that order) is finally to be released in High-Definition (1080P) Blu-Ray format on 18 October 2016

While I cannot vouch for the quality of the screenplay, the widescreen aerial footage (by Paul Mantz) is incredible. The movie itself serves as a fine historical document with respect to the B-36 and the Strategic Air Command (SAC) of the mid-'50s era. The movie was originally filmed in VistaVision widescreen format. If the information accompanying the release is correct, it would appear that the Blu-Ray release will be made in the equivalent screen ratio (1.85 to 1). If Olive Films (the company responsible for the Blu-Ray release) does their job right the film should look (and sound - thanks to Victor Young's film score) amazing on a large screen HDTV.
Here's a link to the release info:
Here's a link to the pre-sale ($29 USD) on Amazon:
And... Here's the original trailer for the film - which does not use the VistaVision aspect ratio, (because it was made for standard movie screens of the era), but instead compresses or clips the edges off. Nonetheless, you can get the idea.

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