Oto Melara1980's MBT concept


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11 March 2006
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Reported in Ground Defense International Dec-1980. Article showed drawings of two new projwcts that oro melara was working on. One was a new battle tank equiped with a 'vickers 105mm gun' and the engine positioned at the front, the second an ICV armoured with a 90mm gun, said to be a cpncept runner for the MCC-80.

I have rendered the orginal MBT drawing - see attached. Anyone source any photos of Oto Melara's concepts?


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Hey Jazz,

Sorry I don't have any more information on this project, but it looks really cool. I do know that OTO was playing with a lot of different tank-based ideas during the 1980s. You might find more information in Jane's Armour and Artillery or Jane's Weapons Systems for that era.

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