Lun (Project 903) missile-carrier WIG


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12 July 2006
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A nice video showing (among other things) the Lun Ekranoplan at its final resting place in Kaspisk(?).
The second Lun ekranoplane was 80 percent complete when work was stopped. It was proposed that this ekranoplane should be completed as a a Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft named ‘Spasatel", Russian for "rescue worker." Due to insufficient funding work was never completed.


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Triton said:
The second Lun ekranoplane was 80 percent complete when work was stopped.


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Here are close-up pictures of the Lun no. 1 ???

Wow, those Lun photos are amazing. I was really surprised at the complexity of the hull design, with all of it's steps and the retractable step. I also found the cockpit gauges informative. Especially the "artificial horizon" which apparently uses the water surface as the reference and has the strip gauges for height above the water on each side. I wonder if the height on each side was based off of wingtip height above the water? Perhaps it's in the text, but beautiful pictures of a very interesting WIG.
Great photos. To paraphrase Wellington, I don't know what this thing would have done to the enemy, but by God, it frightens me.

And what in the blue blazes were they planning to shoot at with a forward-looking dual 23 mm turret?
These Lun photo galleries are stunning. I don't know the present status of that craft, but given the amazing complexity of the details and the engineering stunt they represent, plus the uniqueness of the design, this really ought to be restored and displayed as a living testimony of a past era.
Is the Spasatel still around? Or was it broken up. Pics of it sitting in the hanger have been around a long time.

Are there any campaigns to save the Lun? I was reading the other day the campaign to save the hulk of the City of Adeleide, although a noble cause I cannot believe that the Lun doesn't have it's own rescue campaign.
OMG Wat for Picture !
Zillion thanks OM for the link

that not a Transporter
this is Lun-class ekranoplan with 6 Anti-Surface Warfare P-270 Moskit rockets.
The plane deserves to be restored and preserved rather than just be left out and go into rust imho

poor thing :'(
Lun autonomous dock, an engineering wonder per ce, and the only way for her to be transported to the shore
What a magnificent machine...I do hope it is preserved properly at some stage.
That must have been some ride.
Passive radar for search purposes anti-ship missiles "Mosquito"


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Navigation radar "Don-2". The radar before the cockpit

Radio equipment:
- Generic detection radar "Получас"
- Navigation radar "Дон-2"
- A set of electronic warfare, "Хиппер"
- Communication Complex "Редан-2"
paralay said:
Navigation radar "Don-2". The radar before the cockpit

Radio equipment:
- Generic detection radar "Получас"
paralay said:
- Navigation radar "Дон-2"
paralay said:
- A set of electronic warfare, "Хиппер"
paralay said:
- Communication Complex "Редан-2"
I know many Ekranoplan models were supposed to still have a basic flight capability. The Bartini model is the only one I've seen engaged in the activity, does anyone else have pictures of any of the more famous models engaged in "regular" flight?

Or did the Soviets never test that capability?
paralay said:
"Orlyonok" was flying at an altitude of 3000 m, if I'm not mistaken

Yeah I've seen plenty of sites mentioning rudimentary "high altitude" flight available to most Soviet Ekranoplanes as well as many smaller civilian WiG aircraft. The problem is I've never seen any pictures or video footage of these craft engaging in it.

The typically short stubby wings will require ALOT of speed and probably quite a bit of AoA, but Soviet Ekranoplans seem to be built more as tandem wing "aircraft", of which there is actually quite a decent bit of lifting surface to get them airborne once they've hit enough airspeed..
Some amazing pics from inside the Lun,taken under the nose of a snoozing security guard by some very brave urban explorers.




Its pretty sad to see it in this state.

The cockpit and engineers stations.It looks like one member of the flight crews sole job is just monitoring and adjusting all of the engines,its like a throwback to the old multi-engined flying boats like the Do X.

One of the radars mounted in its radome on the front of the tail,plus the radar operators console.Looks like various food items left by the transport crew.

More radar/ew consoles

What an awesome machine.
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My attempt at a cutaway, from
This was drawn before many of the latest photographs from inside it have come out. I will update it some time, there are a few things to change. But hopefully still cool.


Also re its's fate, it is, as-of yesterday. still stuck on the beach where it could get damaged or destroyed by a storm. Not good.
RUSSIA'S unique missile carrier, the rocket ship ekranoplane of the project 903 "Lun" is currently on shore near Derbend city in Dagestan, Russia, located on the Caspian Sea. (The Sun)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
I suppose it would have been posted already but do any of the native Russian speakers on the forum (or adjacent to the Russian milhist blogosphere) have any further deets on the Rescuer? Was it just a one off by a Russian Tyler Rogoway/Kyle Mizokami type pseudo-journalist or is it actually getting refurbished and finished?
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