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red fleet

  1. boxkite

    Lun (Project 903) missile-carrier WIG

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeUe6aVib08&mode=related&search= A nice video showing (among other things) the Lun Ekranoplan at its final resting place in Kaspisk(?).
  2. Hood

    Soviet Cruiser Projects

    Here are some of the bigger cruiser projects the Soviets undertook during the 1960s. This began as a topic over at Warship Discussion 3.0. Me and Michael Rozon discussed these ships and this is the product of his research and educated guesses given the limited info available. I've added some of...
  3. flateric

    OKB Korchagin KOR-70, proposed Yak-38 alternative

    Initiative design of Korchagin's OKB, multi-purpose 'sea working horse' VTOL, born as branch of Korchagin-Beriev (Bartini) VVA-14 cooperative work, was proposed as smart alternative to Yak-38, supported by hi-rank naval aviation staff, but killed by MAP (Ministry of Aviation Industry). Drawings...