red fleet

  1. uk 75

    HMS Cockade in Korean War

    A friend of mine has asked me to check out a rumour that HMS Cockade sank a suspected Soviet sub while serving with a US force in the Korean War. He thinks the papers are embargoed until at least 2050.
  2. sferrin

    Soviet P-20 "Sokol" Surface-Launched, Sea-Based Missile

  3. uk 75

    Alt 60s Soviet Navy

    I am delighted that others are already making good use of the Alt 60s US Navy thread. It probably needs a balancing thread to cover the Soviet Navy, which for both the USN and the RN was "the enemy fleet in being". After the fifties scare surrounding the Swerdlow class cruisers, the nuclear...
  4. Dilandu

    How would earlier Soviet carriers affect USN developement?

    Let's assume that USSR started to experiment with carriers in late 1920s, with planned rebuild of the training ship "Okean" into the light/training carrier "Komsomolets". While slow and of limited usefulness (roughly the equivalent of USN's "Langley"), this ship still allowed Soviet Navy to gain...
  5. Graham1973

    Fictional Russian Warships from 1945

    Some 'highly speculative' Soviet warship designs allegedly from Life Magazine in 1945, attributed to 'US Naval Architects' I stumbled across on Reddit... They come from this article in the 17th of December 1945 issue of the magazine... The Russian Navy is Reborn (Life Magazine, 17 December 1945)
  6. C

    "Ultimate battleship" designs

    Hello all, I'm searching infos regarding real (albeit conceptual only) battleship projects distinguishing themselves for extraordinary caliber of main guns and/or number of main guns and displacement. I'm aware of the following, some yet briefly discussed in other topics: -Tillman maximum...
  7. Mr London 24/7

    'Tracked' Mini Submarines in Swedish waters - 1980's

    In the Eighties there was an infamous spate of submarine incidents in Swedish waters, apparently involving mini submarines penetrating close to shore (and even inside harbour areas). From the reports at least some of these would appear to have been fitted with Caterpillar/Tank style Tracks...
  8. Triton

    Soviet Navy Project 748 submarine landing ship

    In August 1965 TsKB-16, later Rubin, was directed to respond to the Tactical-Technical Elements (TTE) requirement for a large diesel-electric submarine LST designated Project 748. The design bureau, realizing the limitations of conventional propulsion for this submarine's missions, additionally...
  9. Triton

    Kronshtadt Class Battlecruiser (Project 69)

    The Kronshtadt class (Project 69) were a class of battlecruisers ordered for the Soviet Navy in the late 1930s. In the Soviet Union they were called "heavy cruisers" or thyazholyi kreyser. Two ships were started, but none were completed due to World War II. These ships had a complex and...
  10. JAZZ

    Russian and Soviet Aircraft Carriers

    The Soviets had a number of stilborn aircraft carrier projects from the 1930's all the way through to the 1990's. One of the most studied was Project-72 dating back to WW-II (1943) I think. Other projects include Project-69A, Project-85 and Project 1123 (Moskova concepts) before getting to the...
  11. boxkite

    Lun (Project 903) missile-carrier WIG A nice video showing (among other things) the Lun Ekranoplan at its final resting place in Kaspisk(?).
  12. Hood

    Soviet Cruiser Projects

    Here are some of the bigger cruiser projects the Soviets undertook during the 1960s. This began as a topic over at Warship Discussion 3.0. Me and Michael Rozon discussed these ships and this is the product of his research and educated guesses given the limited info available. I've added some of...
  13. A

    Nuclear escorts

    Hi, somebody have information about this ship. Project 11990 test ship and Project 13040 Anchor. will be escort of nuclear power carrier.
  14. flateric

    OKB Korchagin KOR-70, proposed Yak-38 alternative

    Initiative design of Korchagin's OKB, multi-purpose 'sea working horse' VTOL, born as branch of Korchagin-Beriev (Bartini) VVA-14 cooperative work, was proposed as smart alternative to Yak-38, supported by hi-rank naval aviation staff, but killed by MAP (Ministry of Aviation Industry). Drawings...