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soviet navy

  1. boxkite

    Lun (Project 903) missile-carrier WIG

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeUe6aVib08&mode=related&search= A nice video showing (among other things) the Lun Ekranoplan at its final resting place in Kaspisk(?).
  2. flateric

    OKB Korchagin KOR-70, proposed Yak-38 alternative

    Initiative design of Korchagin's OKB, multi-purpose 'sea working horse' VTOL, born as branch of Korchagin-Beriev (Bartini) VVA-14 cooperative work, was proposed as smart alternative to Yak-38, supported by hi-rank naval aviation staff, but killed by MAP (Ministry of Aviation Industry). Drawings...