German WW2 “SEEDRACHE“ Torpedoboat Project


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28 January 2008
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Hello everybody

I'm searching for a 3view or drawing of the German “SEEDRACHE“ Torpedoboat Project
It should be a catamaran like torpedoboat with two or four torpedoes and it is powered by a turbine or Pulsejet something like the Jumo004 or Argus As014! ((UP to 50 kts Speed!!!))

Thanks in advance
Please see attached some drawings of German jet propelled fast boat

Turbojet Tragflügelboot Projekt

The Project 5b was the final evolution step of the K-Verband developments for a small hydrofoil attack boat. The design was almost identical to the Hydrofoil Project, but two turbojets were added to increase the speed of the final attack and disengaging phase.
Although tests with a jet powered boat ("Tornado", 1944) showed several problems with this kind of propulsion - only usable at calm sea and serious control problems - the addition of turbojets was seen as a possible solution to increase the chance to survive an attack against allied ships.
None of these futuristic boats was ever build


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i know last project, i had seen on "Eserciti nella Storia" (a magazine of Delta Editrice), well last Tornado was tryed on Peenemünde with a speed of 48 knots with calm sea , the boat was radio guided by a mother boat , was armed with 700 kg of explosive and this prototype was destroyed until invasion of russian troops !
reference : Eserciti nella Storia - Luglio/Agosto 2002 (printed by Delta Editrice) ::)
i am forgetting :eek: :eek: this catamaran had an engine Argus and was based on two floats of a Junkers 52 (version idro is obvious ! ;) )
All version of Tornado were tryed but only version with two floats had good performance !
Hi everybody

I'm searching for a 3view of the KS HYDRA !
Is there anybody who can help me?

Many greetings and thanks in advance
Re: German WW2 "HYDRA" Torpedoboat Project

Hi everybody

Some more information about the "Hydra"
Please look here
Hi everybody

I have found something new about the “Seedrache” / “Sea-Kite”
The “Sea-Kite” (Driesen-System) consisted of two “Hydra” hulls, coupled together by
Hmmm. I think some artistic license has been taken with the size of the foils for the 5b.

moin1900 - the Sea-Kite was either a catamaran with hydrofoils between the hulls - which is used in a couple of modern designs - or alternatively a catamaran with an aerofoil surface between the hulls. The latter rings a (quiet) bell, in that I seem to recall some German work on this.

Hi everybody

To RP1 Thanks for your reply .
Maybe like this ?
Boeing Fresh-1
Here some tragflügel torpedo projects


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Hi everybody

Thank you so much ! JUSTO ! You are GREAT !
There was also another "Klein-Torpedoträger" The "Zisch" torpedo boat
Another rocket powered boat was the Schertel-Sachsenberg VS-13 demolition boat !

THANKS A LOT and Many greetings
Justo, what book are these scans taken from?
I must obtain a copy.


Hi Guenter
Unfortunately I will not be able to help you.
The source is also unknown for me.
I have a file full of photocopies coming from a record bought to someone else.
I will patiently post the information I have,hoping that someone may be able to help us idnetify the book.
Sk 91 "Schlitten I" and Sk 92 "Schlitten II"
From unknown source


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