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  1. klem

    Hermann Oberth Design of a Long-Range Rocket 1941

    Another project by Professor Hermann Oberth.A Long-Range Rocket capable of reaching America.Towards the end of 1941 professor Oberth developed the design and schematics of a long-range rocket over 6000 km at a distance between Europe and North America.The device had to carry an explosive charge...
  2. airman

    Heinkel 177 A7 R2 - an alternate version

    "The Heinkel He 177 Greif (Griffin) was a long-range heavy bomber flown by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Purpose-designed for high-altitude bombing with pressurized crew accommodation. The He 177 A-7 R2 variant was intended to use original "power system" engines, each of which consisted of...
  3. P

    Panther with a radial engine

    According to Spielberger, the Panther was tested with a BMW 132 radial engine. Tests were promising, but the book has no details. Anyone with further information?
  4. _Sarcasticat_

    KRIEGSMARINE CENTRAL - KM Ship Plans/Discussion

    Heyo. I've decided to turn this into a hub for all the KM ship plans and information I currently have. I may not be able to include pictures of everything in this OP so the link to the Google Drive containing everything in its highest quality is included below. If you have questions about the...
  5. Graham1973

    Krupp - 105 mm leichte Feldhaubitze 18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen IVb (Heuschrecke 10)

    When the Germans realised they needed self-propelled artillery (as opposed to Assault guns) to keep up with the Panzers, their initial efforts involved conversions of various captured vehicles to carry artillery along with the creation of three interim conversions based on tanks already in...
  6. J

    Polikarpov I-16 versus Messerschmitt Bf 109 B-1 in Spain

    The first batch of 31 Polikarpov I-16 Type 5 fighters (the strength of a Soviet Fighter Regiment) arrived in Spain at the end of October 1936. The Republican ground crews in charge of assembling the aircraft called the new fighter Mosca (fly) because of the Russian word MOCKBA written on the...
  7. P

    British and French Intervention in German Invasion of Poland

    I am looking for some "professional" advice on an alternate history scenario that has been running around my mind for years: Given the political will to do something immediately about Hitler's 1 Sept 1939 invasion of Poland, did the British and French military have the resources and the assets...
  8. hesham

    Fieseler Projects

    Hi, here is a Fieseler P.29,P.30 and Fi.333,also P.35; P.29 was a military transport Project,intended to compete Arado Ar.232,led to develop Fi.333 P.30 was an unconventional military transport Project,later became Fi.333 P.35 was initial design for Fi.103...
  9. hesham

    Junkers Ju 287, Developments, Projects and Prototypes

    Hi, The previous really picture was for EF-131 V2 six engined bomber, and a drawing to it with wind-channel model.
  10. J

    Junkers EF-130 speculative drawings

    - Junkers / DFS EF-130 A four engine heavy bomber of ‘Uralbomber’ class designed in the autumn of 1944 to compete against the Arado E-555, the BMW ‘Strahlbomber Projekt II’, the Horten Projekt 18 (23/2/1945) and the Messerschmitt P.1108. It had a pressurised cockpit for a crew of three...
  11. Nick Sumner

    Atlantik bomber kreuzer

    Over on this facebook discussion group Someone named Stefan Bachi has posted the following drawings under the title ATLANTIKBOMBER-KREUZER and GROßER Atlantikbomber-Kreuzer. I find them, erm... surprising, just wondered if anyone knew more about...
  12. T

    Did the German 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36 exist?

    I am currently researching the history of automatic cannon and their ammunition and would appreciate some help with an obscure German naval AA gun: the 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36. I have put down my thoughts on this almost unknown project as follows: The evidence in favour of its existence is as...
  13. Grey Havoc

    Secret Axis Flights

    (also mentions efforts planned or actually attempted with the Ju 290, Ju 390, and the Ki 77. Overlooks the Me 264 though.) The Rome-Tokyo flight was arguably one of the Regia Aeronautica's finest hours, though unfairly forgotten.
  14. S

    panzerschiff concept any original drawing regarding the admiral graf spee conception and why it was fitted with that tower? was this tower decided to be fitted in this ship from the start?
  15. V

    I-400 sized German U-boat projects from WW2?

    The I-400 was the biggest ever submarine built in WW2 and the largest until the advent of the nuclear powered ballistic missile subs, but the Regia Marina is not known to have built any gigantic submarines because it was pounded big time in the November 1940 Battle of Taranto. However I wanted...
  16. T

    Porsche gas turbine for kingtiger

    Hello for all. The is are picture of drawings in W. J. Spielberger book, showing Porsche proposals to install a gas turbine into a Kingtiger hull. Is this an different early proposal for AFV gas turbine use ? Different than GT 101- 103 series ? Tomi
  17. Michel Van

    Messerschmitt Designations until 1945

    Known Messerschmitt Projects Numbers P.1091 a modified Me 109 G with Daimler Benz 605A & turbo loader P.1092 Jet Fighter with one Jumo 004C engine and arrow wing P.1093 unknow P.1094 unknow P.1095 that became Me328A There indication that number 1092 to 1095 was part design for one single...
  18. airman

    Japanese Focke Wulf fw 200

    The history about it i can see it : Anyone have more about it ?
  19. Foo Fighter

    Unbuilt German AFV.

    I hope I am posting this thread in the correct location. I have a long term research project which deals with the development of tanks and other AFV from just before to just after WWII. I am looking in particular at the ethos of various national development directions engine, armour and...
  20. W

    Plans for Conventionally-Triggered/Boosted Fusion Weapons, Germany WW2?

    Hi folks, Embark on this with some trepidation (speaking as a firm sceptic about claims that Nazi Germany came anywhere near developing a functioning nuclear weapon or even knowing how such might be done) but digging around for stuff on Richard Rhodes and the Japanese nuclear efforts, I found...