1. Admiral_Austin_Mars

    Entwurf D6 and D7a (D-class Panzerschiffe variations) (Ersatz Elsass)

    Howdy folks! I recently came across these two designs/blueprints of the D-class panzerschiffe (more like battlecruisers at this point), which were originally named Ersatz Elsass and Ersatz Hessen that eventually became battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau from my understanding of their...
  2. _Sarcasticat_

    KRIEGSMARINE CENTRAL - KM Ship Plans/Discussion

    Hello and welcome, This is a hub for all things Kriegsmarine. You will find information, data, and even deductions like this nearly nowhere else - and I take great pride in that. So if you have a question about the Kriegsmarine, are looking for some specific ship or weapon, or even want...
  3. covert_shores

    Type-XXI Submarine with Ursel rockets

    Usual caveats apply, full size cutaway at The Type-XXI was important in a lot of ways, but had the Ursel rockets made it into service I think it could have further reshaped Cold War submarine equipment, at least in the immediate...
  4. hesham

    Fieseler Projects

    Hi, here is a Fieseler P.29,P.30 and Fi.333,also P.35; P.29 was a military transport Project,intended to compete Arado Ar.232,led to develop Fi.333 P.30 was an unconventional military transport Project,later became Fi.333 P.35 was initial design for Fi.103...
  5. Nick Sumner

    Atlantik bomber kreuzer

    Over on this facebook discussion group Someone named Stefan Bachi has posted the following drawings under the title ATLANTIKBOMBER-KREUZER and GROßER Atlantikbomber-Kreuzer. I find them, erm... surprising, just wondered if anyone knew more about...
  6. Grey Havoc

    Norwegian Campaign (naval element)

    Meant to add 'Operation Wilfred' as a tag as well but ran into the limit.
  7. T

    Did the German 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36 exist?

    I am currently researching the history of automatic cannon and their ammunition and would appreciate some help with an obscure German naval AA gun: the 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36. I have put down my thoughts on this almost unknown project as follows: The evidence in favour of its existence is as...
  8. S

    panzerschiff concept any original drawing regarding the admiral graf spee conception and why it was fitted with that tower? was this tower decided to be fitted in this ship from the start?
  9. V

    I-400 sized German U-boat projects from WW2?

    The I-400 was the biggest ever submarine built in WW2 and the largest until the advent of the nuclear powered ballistic missile subs, but the Regia Marina is not known to have built any gigantic submarines because it was pounded big time in the November 1940 Battle of Taranto. However I wanted...
  10. C

    "Ultimate battleship" designs

    Hello all, I'm searching infos regarding real (albeit conceptual only) battleship projects distinguishing themselves for extraordinary caliber of main guns and/or number of main guns and displacement. I'm aware of the following, some yet briefly discussed in other topics: -Tillman maximum...
  11. S

    arado ar 196 B drawing?

    Hello! Did you have any drawing of this variant?
  12. hesham

    Doblhoff WNF 342

    Hi, here is the airframe and early Doblhoff Wn.342 V.1 helicopter.
  13. S

    Various Blohm und Voss projects

    The MBI book on the Heinkel He 162 presents several contenders in the "Volksjäger" competition, including the Blohm & Voss P 211. Attached below are three-view arrangements of the two proposals described above.
  14. K

    Fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence

    Could anyone provide me data and informations about fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence?I known that they saw action during WWII.In one case the German heavy cruiser "Blucher" sunk by two 533 mm torpedoes fired from an Norwegian shore torpedo launcher during German invasion in Norway.Do they...
  15. Grey Havoc

    Effectiveness of WWII German surface raiders

    This is a spin-off from the 'Best Battleships of WWII' thread. The first few entries in this topic are edited posts from there.
  16. W

    Heinkel carrier borne aircraft project

    Hi, after finally crossing my sources I present you guys a Heinkel project to embark in the "Graf Zeppelin" aircraft carrier. The well-known sesquiplane He114 was subject to an advanced design featuring retractable wheels (I don`t know about the tail one) and a bigger (full span?) lower wing...
  17. Triton

    Dornier Do 214

    Dornier Do 214 Source:
  18. Pepe Rezende


    I need some info about this project... Images and performance data.
  19. panzer1946

    German Wire-Guided Missiles of WW2

    Did the XT-7 "Rotkappchen" and M42 see action in WW2? The XT-7 is mounted on a small trailer which doubles as the launch platform. The M42 (86mm rocket) is mounted on a stand and the base plate seems to be bolted to the ground. The M42 also has a launch tube and sighting mechanism similar to a...
  20. W

    German WW2 Dismountable Police Boat

    Hello :), have you heard of the "Zerlegbares Polizei-Kampfboot ( ZPK )"? It was built in three sections and could be dismounted easily. Apparently some were built, but other versions weren`t. Please see all versions proposed at...