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  1. covert_shores

    Type-XXI Submarine with Ursel rockets

    Usual caveats apply, full size cutaway at http://www.hisutton.com/Type-XXI-U-Boat-of-World-War-Two.html The Type-XXI was important in a lot of ways, but had the Ursel rockets made it into service I think it could have further reshaped Cold War submarine equipment, at least in the immediate...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Norwegian Campaign (naval element)

    Meant to add 'Operation Wilfred' as a tag as well but ran into the limit.
  3. T

    Did the German 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36 exist?

    I am currently researching the history of automatic cannon and their ammunition and would appreciate some help with an obscure German naval AA gun: the 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36. I have put down my thoughts on this almost unknown project as follows: The evidence in favour of its existence is as...
  4. S

    arado ar 196 B drawing?

    Hello! Did you have any drawing of this variant?
  5. Antonio

    III Reich Aircraft Carrier Projects

    A very nice article on Graf Zeppelin from Roy C. Nesbit can be found at Aeroplane's March 2007 issue. a) In 1936, the keels of two carriers were laid down: Flugzeugtrager A (later Graf Zeppelin) and Flugzeugtrager B (latter Peter Strasser). b) In addition, Grossadmiral Erich Raeder, put...