Competition of the MRIX (mid-1950)


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2 February 2006
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Hi All!

I know the following information; attended by the following companies:

1) GD/Convair Model 8-? (development of the F-106) or Model ?
2) Lockheed Model CL-3??
3) North American Model ?
4) Northrop Model N-1?? or PD-?
5) Republic Model AP-?

That it is possible to say on this subject?
My dear Nugo,

can you give us a more info about MRIX and what was this competition,and for USAAF
or Navy ?,that to can help you.

The only mystery contest of mid-1955 was for a long/medium range interceptor,is that
you mean ?.
Hi All!
My Friend hesham!
"U.S.A.F. Intercepters
A years ago the U.S. Air Force abandoned
plans for a long-range intercepter
after bids had been called for a number of
designs. It is now reported that design
proposals for a medium-range intercepter
are being considered. Studies are believed
to have been submitted by Convair, Lockheed,
North American, Northrop and
Source: Flight, 1 March 1957, page 265.
My dear Nugo,

to this moment,the only known project for this tender is the F-106 Interceptor,which was
a version of Delta Dart with canard and box intakes,and may be that model was it.


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