Low-level long range strategic cruise missile carrier bomber


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2 February 2006
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Hi All!

Competition: began of later 1952 or early 1953
1) Boeing Model 7?? or Model 450-? (B-47 missile carrier modification) or Model 464-? (B-52 missile
carrier modification)----------------------submitted or not (?)
2) Consolidated Model 36 or ? (B-36 missile carrier modification )--MX-2093
3) Douglas Model 13??--------------------------------------------------MX-2091
4) Lockheed Model CL-24? or 25?----------submitted or not (?)
4) Martin Model 286-----------------------------------------------------MX-2092
5) North American Model ESO-? (or ?)-----submitted or not (?)
6) Northrop Model ?-------------------------submitted or not (?)
7) Republic Model AP-6?---------------------submitted or not (?)

What can you add ?
Appendix 1 of the book American Secret Projects: Bombers, Attack, and Anti-Submarine Aircraft 1945-1974 doesn't list any project from Republic Aviation for a low-altitude strategic bomber designed to carry cruise missiles, but it does list nuclear-powered strategic bomber designs from Lockheed in the 1952/1953 period that could have theoretically carried cruise missiles, including the L-225, L-232, L-233, and L-234; the appendix lists no design number for the Douglas design that had the MX-2091 designation, and no cruise missile carrying project is listed in the appendix under Northrop.

I think for Boeing,maybe Model 484-405 was involved ?.

From Aerofax, Convair B-58 Hustler


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