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8 September 2006
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I read in numerous sources that their were proposals for a Big Wing version of Jaguar, but have never seen any details or any images.

Anyone help?

British Aerospace believes that the Jaguar could eventually have a combat performance close to that of the F-16.

Eeeeh bah gum they was putting some good stuff in t'black pudden in t'70s, they was.
Whether the F-16 comparison is valid or not, it looks like a bloody good idea, and very do-able. Almost all of that except the big wing was eventually done on Jag '95 & '98 post Gulf War and turned them into damned good aircraft. Whatever it did to the turning performance, the big wing would have been welcome simply for the extra pylons: a Jag with two tanks, two Sidewinders, an ALQ-119 and a BOZ pod was left with one pylon for bombs....
A model photo of the big-wing Jag (sorry, source unknown):


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I remember from my younger days that BAe offered up a Super Jaguar with uprated engines and a bigger wing.
It was about 1978 but all Ive managed to dig up is a page on Flight Archive.
Can anyone else supply any info please ? ???
That would be the P.97 from 1976. Jaguar with big wing, composite construction, FBW and either RB.409-07 or Adour 63.
See BSP Fighters for more info.
Thanks for that.Checked my BSP and found ref to P.97.
I'm interested in building a 1/48 model and would appreciate any images.
There must be more than just the Flight Archive page ?
Thanks for the replies guys.It is interesting to speculate on just how good this project may have been!
I think too - it was tailored for the French Navy and the (many) issues it had with landing a Jaguar M on Clems carriers... circa 1971-73 so a bit earlier than the British proposal.

Funny to think both Jaguar and Harrier had a "big wing" variant proposed at the same time.
I always looked at Jaguar being an Anglo Mirage F1. They opted for twin engines where one could have sufficed. Funny enough the French even bought it.

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