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27 September 2006
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In his book on attack aircraft of the West Bill Gunston refers to a British Aircraft Corporation brochure published in the early 60s showing the Mirage III vstol in RAF and RN colours in the process of being delivered to the UK forces, the final page of which is described as being the first squadron at Farnborough in 1966!

Many such brochures must have been produced by BAC of its what-if planes, does anyone have or know whether this particular one has been perserved anywhere?

UK 75
I'd be interesting if anyone has a copy of this brochure. The Dassault company offered the Spey-powered Mirage IIIK to the RAF, so it's possible that Dassault may have been planning to offer the Mirage IIIV to the British armed forces to make up for the P.1154's cancellation because the Mirage IIIV was supersonic like the P.1154.

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