BAe Warton P.109 supersonic fighter


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31 May 2007
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Hi! BAe Warton P.109 supersonic STOVL combat aircraft.
Three side view drawing source : Twitter

According to “BRITISH SECRET PROJECT Jet Fighters since 1950, Tony Buttler”,

  1. The engine fan and core flows (Without PCB) through two rotating nozzles integrated with the wing root trailing edge.
  2. The engine was a Pegasus 18 or an RB.422.
  3. The exhaust arrangement reduced the structural problem and gave a limited supersonic performance.
  4. The main technical advance offered was that the nozzle position led to a favorable airflow being induced over the wing to provide additional lift.
  5. However it did not present a big advance over the Harrier.

“BRITISH SECRET PROJECT Jet Fighters since 1950” include another baseline three side view drawing of P.109 and manufacturer’s beautiful artwork.


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