Hawker Thrust Vectoring Projects after P1226?


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8 October 2007
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Does anyone know of any thrust vector designs BAe worked on after the P1226

I believe Marconi worked on the X32 whilst BAe aupported the X35 - is this correct? I'm trying to work out when BAe abandoned the pegasus

Appendix 1 of the volume British Secret Projects: Jet Bombers Since 1949 lists the following British Aerospace designs for VTOL combat jets that followed the P.1226:

The question was specifically about thrust vectoring projects, not V/STOL in general.
Hi! P.1226. Engine : Pegasus.
"The P1226 was the final throw of the dice by the BAe kingston design office. The P1226, as some of the previous projects, aimed to get more maneuverability out of the sluggish Harrier with a very unconventional wing planform. Forward swept main wings, and canards in addition to the rear horizontal stabiliser gave a significant improvement in pitch control. Modern materials would have been used to with stand the g-forces, and the plane was finished off modified air intakes to reduce radar cross section. These modifications gave a very different look to the GR9 fuselage, and was a suitable bowing out design for the closure of the Kingston design office, and the abandonment of the Harrier architecture."


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I guess it also depends upon how you define 'Thrust Vectoring'. P.1241 was to have RALS. Does a Remote Augmented Lift System (or, for that matter, an Ejector Lift Engine System) qualify as 'Thrust Vectoring'? If so, our list can be grown. (I've included the P.1243 based on its vectoring nozzle.)

From the old Harrier.org site (but slightly reorganized):

P.1227 - 1984-85 Harrier II development
- 1 x Pegasus
-- Bigger wing with integral tank/weapons module ahead of outriggers.

P.1228 - 1985 vectored thrust, supersonic canard naval V/STOL strike fighter
- 1 x Plenum Chamber Burning (PCB) engine
-- To NST.6464, resembled McDonnell-Douglas MDC 279-3

P.1229 - 1985 supersonic, four nozzle, vectored thrust V/STOL fighter
- 1 x RB.533 or Pegasus-type
-- Engine was 'dry', no PCB etc. fitted. To NST.6464

P.1230 - 1985-88 four nozzle, vectored thrust V/STOL fighter
- 1 x RB.422 or other four-poster PCB engine
-- To NST.6464, design by Brough/Kingston/ Warton team

P.1231 1985 supersonic Harrier II development
- 1 x Pegasus PCB

P.1232 - 1985 Sea Harrier/GR.Mk.5 development
- 1 x Pegasus
-- Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.2 forward fuselage and wing with Harrier GR.Mk.5 rear fuselage

P.1237 - 1986 ASTOVL with RALS
-- ASTOL = Advanced Short Takeoff and Landing
-- RALS == Remote Augmented Lift System

P.1240 - 1987 Stealth ASTOVL, swept wing with tip fins
- 1 x vectored thrust reverse engine installation

P.1241 - 1987 Stealth ASTOVL with RALS, delta wing, dorsal intake
- 1 x RALS

P.1243 1988 Ramp-launched, tail-sitting recovery unmanned fighter, tailless delta
- 1 x Williams turbofan

P.1244 - 1988 P.1227-3 development
- 1 x Pegasus

P.1245 - 1988 P.1231 without PCB
- 1 x Pegasus

P.1246 - 1988 P.1245 with PCB
- 1 x Pegasus PCB

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