BAE STOVL patents - P.1175, P.1185, P.109, P.112, P.115, P.1218

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21 December 2006
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Some UK 1980s STOVL fighter patents have cropped up here and on other forums. Thought a summary with additions might be useful:

P.1175, late 1960s. Kingston Harrier development with twin nozzle Pegasus and lift jet

AV-16S6/P.1185, Kingston study for US Navy mid 1970s, patent showing this project

BAe P.109 - studied early to mid 1980s at BAe Warton, using two nozzle Pegasus (like P.1175) type engine. Transonic.

P.112 (BAe Warton, see Buttler British Secret Fighters), and P.116 ejector lift, propulsion arrangement

P.112 also proposed with an 'inflatable' duct

BAe P.115 - studied mid 1980s at Warton and Kingston, using tandem fan engine. EFA-type performance

BAe P.1218 - studied 1981 by BAe Kingston team based at St Louis alongside McDonnell Douglas team. Was a combination of the P.1216 concept with the twin-engine MDC 279-4

For related patents follow the links, or google some of the names/organisations plus STOVL etc. Turns up things such as: ?????!!!!!!!!
My dear Harrier,

is there any patent or drawing to BAe P.114 vectored thrust canard aircraft ?.

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