world war i

  1. Grey Havoc

    The Hell Hound of Mons

  2. L

    Nieuport 31 Fighter

    French two prototypes buildt in 1919... is said to be one of the best looking aircraft of the WW1. The name " Sesquiplane" means 'one-and-a-half wings.'" Its sleek smooth streamlined wooden monocoque shell of tulipwood, was produced by winding thin spiral strips around a mould in a series of...
  3. Tzoli

    The Decisive Battle at Antivari

    I've already asked this on the battlecruisers forum but I ask here as well: Historically the Battle of Antivari was a minor battle at the start of WW1 and the first one of the...
  4. Tzoli

    Foreign Warship Export Designs for Japan

    While Japan constantly grew in power since the Meiji restoration and being an island nation it's navy too had to have a prominent role in it's military forces The first warships of Japan were built in ofreign Yards mostly in British but there were quite a few French and a some from US yards as...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Royal Hellenic Navy
  6. A Tentative Fleet Plan

    Vickers Interwar Super-Long-Range Artillery

    Found these images buried in my folders along with a screenshot of the (limited) information on these artillery pieces. It took me a while to track down which forum post I got them from (link and just in case, archived). Quoted from the thread in question:
  7. M

    Tarrant Tabor, 1/72, scratch build

    You can read about the prototype here It was very interesting to build the model.
  8. N

    Some Imperial Russian warships

    Here are some uncompleted Imperial Russian warship projects I found on navypedia, any technical drawings, evidence of not being real, further info, or art of these would be greatly appreciated Gogland destroyers Tenedos destroyers...
  9. Grey Havoc

    Commander Seamus Ó Muiris, INS

  10. Grey Havoc

    Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary

    From back in July 2019:
  11. Grey Havoc

    Excise Profit Duty (First World War)

    The century-old tax that could help pay for the pandemic (
  12. hesham

    Luigi Bresciani Seaplane

    Here is all story for this seaplane; At the beginning of 1916 the Austro-Hungarian aviation could boast the supremacy of the skies and was difficult to counter both for the quality of the available means and for the difficulty of reaching and effectively hitting the bases from which it...
  13. Airborne2001

    Nielsen & Winther Type AA

    Nielson & Winther Type AA Specifications (Credit to for the specifications.): Specification WEIGHTS Take-off weight 550 kg 1213 lb Empty weight 350 kg 772 lb DIMENSIONS Wingspan 7.70 m 25 ft 3 in Length 6.60 m 22 ft 8 in Height 2.8 m 9 ft 2 in...
  14. hesham

    Early Daimler Prototypes & Projects

    German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers in WWI Vol.1, here is an early Damiler designs from G & R series,also L-12 Transport version Project ,also L-12 Bomber to Chile,and primary G bomber Project, called FL-3 ?.
  15. hesham

    Kondor Little Known Prototypes & Projects

    From, German Aircraft of Minor Manufacturers in WWI Vol.1, here is some little known Prototypes,also the Kondor D.III,D.IV & D.V were a Projects,but no more details.
  16. Grey Havoc

    WWI era French M15 Adrian helmet superior in some respects to modern U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet
  17. Grey Havoc

    First Australian Imperial Force
  18. N

    WW1 Aircraft Weapons (General)

    From Germany: The Fokker Liemberger, a precursor to the modern minigun The Gast Gun, cylindrical drum mag is the 8mm mauser version, curved box mag is the 13.2mm TuF version
  19. Michel Van

    Aircraft development in the world were Germany won WW1.

    I working on Timeline were Germany win WW1 How would affect this Aircraft development ? Some Background Information on what is Different in this Timeline USA remain neutral in WW1 except they went almost armed conflict with Great Britain do Sea Blockade USSR establish in 1917 with June...
  20. A

    British WW1 concrete build sailing merchant ships

    Dear Readers, I am well aware this ship isn't naval.. anyway I hope you don't mind me posting it here. Doing research and checking around some stuff over at the internet I accidentally across this vessel in some PDF file. Does anyone know more about this vessel or this project in general...