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  1. R

    Dassault MD 450 Ouragan - early concept?

    "In September 1947, a series of talks outlining the project took place between Dassault and the Bureau d'Etudes et Plans d'Etat Major. The French government's response to the proposal was positive; however no firm order for the aircraft was placed at this time, necessitating the project to...
  2. GTX

    Mirage F-O Supersonic Trainer for Australia

    Is anyone able to provide some details on this:
  3. uk 75

    BAC Brochure on Mirage VSTOL

    In his book on attack aircraft of the West Bill Gunston refers to a British Aircraft Corporation brochure published in the early 60s showing the Mirage III vstol in RAF and RN colours in the process of being delivered to the UK forces, the final page of which is described as being the first...
  4. Jemiba

    Dassault MIrage III V/STOL Derivatives (Balzac, IIIV)

    Just a trick, I know, but there was a 2-seat version of the Mirage IIIV planned, which would have been built as number 3 and 4 and was even proposed to the USAF (from
  5. overscan (PaulMM)

    Studies before the Tornado: NKF, AFVG, UKVG

    AFVG It was a joint Anglo-French project, with British Aerospace leading, for a post TSR.2 strike aircraft. France were never particularly interested in this project; it did however serve as a useful way of getting hold of UK VG technology, which was based on years of research. Note that the...