1. Michel Van

    Messerschmitt Designations until 1945

    Known Messerschmitt Projects Numbers P.1091 a modified Me 109 G with Daimler Benz 605A & turbo loader P.1092 Jet Fighter with one Jumo 004C engine and arrow wing P.1093 unknow P.1094 unknow P.1095 that became Me328A There indication that number 1092 to 1095 was part design for one single...
  2. S

    Messerschmitt P 1107 and P 1108 long range jet bombers

    In the autumn of 1944, Reichsmarschall Göring requested that Junkers, Arado and Messerschmitt design and produce very long range high speed bombers capable of carrying 4-ton bomb payloads. The goal was to be able to attack distant maritime convoys and strategic targets in both the U.S. and the...
  3. boxkite

    Messerschmitt designations (post-war and pre-MBB)

    Sorry for the delay, I was busy with non-aviation things :( . Here are the P xxxx numbers of unbuilt Messerschmitt/MBB projects (mainly source is “Willy Messerschmitt – Pionier der Luftfahrt und des Leichtbaues” by Ebert, Kaiser and Peters/ISBN 3-7637-6103-9): · P 1118 – four-seat touring...
  4. R

    Messerschmitt Me 321/323, pre- and follow-on projects (ZSO 523)

    Have you ever heard about the Zeppelin/SNCASO ZSO 523? I´ve been trying to find info about it, but it was very hard, all I have is it was a big aircraft with six engines. Raravia
  5. D

    Spanish/Egyptian HA-300 supersonic fighter project

    HA-300 1:1 wooden scale model Initial design of the HA-300 Derived twin-engine H-310