early 1940s

  1. Arjen

    OSGA-25 hydroplane catamaran

    A design by Vladimir Gartvig, drawing by Vladimir Meshcherin. Images OSGA-25 1-4 from Russisches Design - Tradition und Experiment 1920-1990 by Alexander Lavrentiev and Yuri Nasarow, Ernst & Sohn 1995. Images OSGA-25 5-7 found here: https://gashetka.tumblr.com/ View...
  2. Tzoli

    IJN Settsu Modernisation Proposals

    I've posted this on another forum but it is better to post many forums to see if anybody know anything about this, I've got hold an extract from a naval forum about possible modernisation plans for the Kawachi class Battleship IJN Settsu which was stripped from her armament after the Washington...
  3. S

    Antonov's OKA-38 "Aist" - Soviet copy of the Fieseler Storch

    Here is the Antonov OKA-38. Not only was it an obvious copy of the German Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, it was also Antonov's very first aircraft (until then he had only designed and built gliders and motor gliders). On top of its OKA- designation, it was also designated as the ShS, and was developed...
  4. Flitzer

    Boulton Paul Defiant

    I was wondering...(always a bad sign)... The Defiant proved quite effective for a short time, until Luftwaffe crews quickly learned its limitations. How good a fighter might the Defiant have proved if it had been designed from the outset to have a more conventional armament arrangement rather...
  5. hesham

    Asymmetric aircraft drawings from Flight 1942

    Hi, the RAF suggested that the Blomh & Voss BV.141 asymmetric aircraft as following in 1941. http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1942/1942%20-%201097.html?search=BLOHM%20AND%20VOSS%20AIRCRAFT%201942