Tatra Aircraft Designations


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Tatra Aircraft Designations - Závody Ringhoffer-Tatra as*

The Ringhoffer-Tatra Works of Prague (Praha-Smíchov) produced a range of aircraft and aero-engine designs in the late 1930s. Both aircraft and engines had 'T' prefixed type designations.

Tatra applied a separate 'T' series designations to licensed-built aircraft. The licensed Avian's T.126 designation seems to be a corruption of Avro's Type 626. The T.131 designation took its number directly from the Bücker Jungmann.

Designations for original Tatra aircraft designs ran in two series -- both beginning with 'T'. The first series had a model number following two zeros. The second series followed the more usual Czechoslovak '100' series pattern. Most sources show a hyphen between the 'T' and type number with a period between type number and construction number.

Tatra aero-engines followed a similar pattern to the second series of aircraft designs. This leads to some confusion -- there being both a Tatra aircraft and an aero-engined designated T-101! Tatra engines were also listed by production number -- eg: the T-100 (licensed Hirth HM 504) with a contruction number following as 100.01, 100.02, etc.

* as = Akciová společnost (or Joint-Stock Company)


Tatra Licence-Built Aircraft Design Designations

Tatra T.126 - licensed Avro 626 Avian biplane trainer, 1 built
- T.126: [Project] export version, 1 x 260 hp AS Cheetah V
- T.126: [Project] domestic vers., 1 x 360 hp Avia Rk.17

Tatra T.131 - Licensed Bü 131 Jungmann, 1 x 90 hp T.100
- T.131: Tatra rights bought 1935, 36 built before 1939*
-- 1 x 95 hp Tatra (Hirth) HM 504 air-cooled 4-cyl inline
- T.133.1, prototype, OK-TAB, 1 x Hirth HM 504A-2
-- aka Tatra T.131.37 or Tatra T-131.37
-- Prod. transferred to Aero Vodochody factory by Germans
-- Aero C-104: Post WWII w/ Walter Minor 4-III, x 260
-- * These were: OK-TAC to OK-TAI and OK-TAK to OK-TAM


Tatra original Aircraft Design Designations

Tatra T.001 - 1937 2-seat light monoplane, OK-TAN, span 9 m
- T.001: Essentially T.131 fuselage w/ new cantilever wing
-- aka Tatra T.1, 1938 Jane's All the World Aircraft
-- http://aviators.cz/sites/default/files/images/tatra_t-001_20.jpg

Tatra T-002 - [Project] 4-seat light transport a/c, span 17.90 m
- T-002: 2 x Walter Minor 4 air-cooled 4-cyl inline engines

Tatra T-003 - [Project] 2-seat monoplane trainer, span 12 m
- T-003: 1 x 360 hp Avia Rk.17 9-cyl air-cooled radial engine

Tatra T-101 - 1937 2-seat light monoplane, 13 m span (enlarged T.001)
- T.101: 1 x 95 hp Tatra T-100 inline, c/n 01, OK-TAO, span 13 m
-- aka Tatra T-101.1
- T.101.2: 2008 Sklenar brothers T.101 replica (flew 2009)

Tatra T.201 - 1938 2-seat high speed/racing T.101 deriv., span 10 m
- T.201: Reduced span (10 m), smaller tailplane, 5 built*
-- 1 x 95 hp Tatra T-100 (Hirth HM 504) air-cooled 4-cyl inline
-- NB: Zlin 26 developed from T.201
-- * These were: OK-TAR, OK-TAS, OK-PTP, OK-TAP, 1 x unfinished
-- http://aviators.cz/sites/default/files/images/tatra_t-201_16.jpg

Tatra T.301 - 1938 2-seat T.201 development, 10 m span
- T.301: T-301.1, OK-TAT, designed by Karel Tomáš
-- 1 x 95 hp Tatra T-100 (Hirth HM 504) air-cooled 4-cyl inline*
-- * T.301 was also the designation of a Tatra diesel engine
-- http://www.tatra-club.com/graphics/articles/108/images/full/historie-letadel-tatra-793.jpg

Tatra T.401 - [Project] Side-by-side seating T.101 derivative
- T.401: Fuselage built, stressing carried out, then cancelled
-- 1 x 95 hp Tatra T-100 (Hirth HM 504) air-cooled 4-cyl inline


Tatra Aero-Engine Designations

T-100 - air-cooled inverted inline 4-cyl, x 35
- T-100: Licenced German Hirth HM 504A-2 engine

T-101 - air-cooled horizontally-opposed 2-cyl, x 2
T-101: Bore 80 mm x stroke 80mm, 14 kw (TO)

T-102 - air-cooled inverted inline 4-cyl, x 1 prototype
T-102: Bore 84 mm x stroke 90mm, 55 kw (TO)

T-[??] - air-cooled horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder
-- Possibly a Tatra Type 96 car engine derivative?



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