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early 1930s

  1. J

    Svenska Aero AB Prototypes & Projects

    Hi, "Superhansa" Project SA-15 (S8), an interesting swedish development, from http://flygplanshistorik.se/index.htm?s=s2345/s2345_flyget.htm
  2. J

    Guggenheim safety competition

    Is there a list of all the factories who planned to get to this competition? I can only find some details of the aeroplanes who has been there. Are there any details/materials etc. Concerning the aeroplane projects who not were completed/buil for this competition?
  3. J

    Cesare Pallavicino an two Breda projects

    Hai On the Wikipedia site of Pallavicino is mentioned that he worked for some time for Breda. There are two projects mentioned of which I have, until now, nothing found. The projects are the Ba 18 and Ba 35. Concerning the Ba 18 is mentioned on the Breda designations forum that it was possible a...