1. Grey Havoc

    General Dynamics Fort Worth F-16 derived GAU-8 gunship concept (G.F.G) from 1976

    Thanks to Air21 over at What If Modelers: Thought this design was already mentioned in an existing SPF thread, but I couldn't locate it. I'm wondering if this design originally grew out of one of the 'Model 402' studies. Also, I wonder if there was a late 1970s semi-official USAF requirement...
  2. Skybolt

    Fairchild-Republic NGCAS

    Late in the Seventies, Fairchild-Republic studied a Next Generation Close Air Support aircraft. It would have been a two-seater, have a night-adverse weather capability, made with large use of composites and probably (judging from the design) sport a moderate supersonic speed. Weapons: GAU-8A...