alternate history

  1. Michel Van

    After Falklands War, the Brits get new Long-range Bomber

    during the Falkland wars the RAF was barley manage to Bomb the Airstrip with four Avro Vulcans and eleven Victor tankers, who had to refuelling Victors and Vulcans over range of 14000 km See Operation Black Buck for more detail. So what if the...
  2. uk 75

    Alternative Defence Policy and Implementation 1979 to 1990

    First of all apologies to all about my Mrs T thread. So here is (I hope) a less contentious way of approaching the subject. Ignoring the politicians who might or might not have been power in the period 1979 to 1990 I think it is interesting to examine the decisions made in this period on...
  3. T

    An alternative Royal Navy for the 1970s

    I produced this scenario a while back, and am posting a link to it here for the ideas to be kicked around:
  4. uk 75

    Long range airpower: Manned, Carriers or UAVs?

    On another thread it was pointed out that an advantage of bombers over missiles is their ability to demonstrate resolve and then be pulled back at the last minute. Certainly the US has always preserved the bomber leg of the Triad even in the face of a massive Soviet Air Defence effort. Much...
  5. Avimimus

    WWII destroyer sized torpedo boats?

    Hello, For years I've periodically daydreamed about the ultimate convoy raider. I initially imagined moderately sized boats with a single battle-ship sized cannon for range. I then explored other insanities like mounting a dozen fixed azimuth recoilless rifles on the deck of a ship (to fire a...
  6. P

    NBMR.3 not V/STOL?

    If NBMR.3 had not called for the aircraft to be V/STOL, what, if any changes are you likely to see with the aircraft that actually entered service after the dust had settled?
  7. Hammer Birchgrove

    Stalin's Missed Chance - What if USSR invaded Germany in 1941? I imagine that there wouldn't be much countries left that could form NATO after the (much earlier) end of WWII... USSR would have much more resources at its disposal after the...
  8. B

    RAF 1946 versus Luftwaffe 1946?

    First of all, this is my very first post on this forum and while I know that no topic will be entirely original (you guys have been at this some time!) I have done a search for RAF 1946 and didn't find anything, so... I get a bit riled at digital documentary channels and their obsession with...
  9. P

    "1951; Soviet Mach 1"

    In mid of 1951, in the region of Kazajstan; Wolfgang Ziese -component of the program " COMBINAT OKB-2 from the old team of the german SIEBEL-, exceed Mach 1 with his plane DFS 346. Although this plane was under the belly of Tu-4 (from captured B-29), that would have been interesting it was...
  10. Michel Van

    Luft '1919 ?

    you know Luft '46 over proposed aircraft project during WW2 but is there a similar webpage over proposed project during WW1 ? thanks in advance...