The Yakovlev VVP-6 was designed as a giant VTOL support platform that would work in coordination with VTOL jets, such as the Yakovlev Yak-38.

Among the many functions envisioned for this vehicle was the transportation of food, fuel, and munitions. The huge, box-like design was to have been 49m long. In one version it was capable of carrying a complete SAM missile system, including six S-75 Dvina (NATO reporting name SA-2 Guideline) missiles with launchers mounted on the craft's upper surface. Reloads and supporting radars were to be stored internally.

The VVP-6 was to have been fitted with six six-blade rotors mounted on six pylons extending from the craft's sides. Each rotor was to have been driven by four turboshaft engines, giving the VVP-6 a total of 36 engines.

This project was abandoned because the Soviet Air Force did not acquire land-based VTOL jets.

Model of Yakovlev VVP-6

Gunston, Bill and Gordin, Yefim Yakovlev Aircraft since 1924 London, UK: Putnam Aeronautical Books, 1997


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An complete airmobile SAM complex? Not the strangest idea I've ever heard, I must admit. Would the VVP-6 have been able to carry enough fuel in that configuration to make the concept practical though?

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