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  1. hesham

    Tupolev TB-3 Cutaway

    From, Бомбардировщик ТБ-3. Воздушный суперлинкор Сталина
  2. K

    Soviet space dogs

    On this day in 1951, the Soviet Union launched the R-1 rocket into space with two dogs. The names of the dogs were Dezik and Cigan the flight lasted 20 minutes and the rocket reached an altitude of 110 km these were the first living beings to leave the earth
  3. hesham

    Tupolev Tu-14 Origins and Derivatives

    Hi, here is a Tupolev Tu-14 Origins ad Derivatives,please note the tables.
  4. helmutkohl

    What if the Sino-Soviet split did not occur

    What if the Sino-Soviet split did not occur? Basically there were ideological differences between Mao and Khruschev, which led to the split. Lets say in this scenario, both sides were a bit more flexible about the interpretation of Communism and agreed to some how respect each others...
  5. J

    Polikarpov I-16 versus Messerschmitt Bf 109 B-1 in Spain

    The first batch of 31 Polikarpov I-16 Type 5 fighters (the strength of a Soviet Fighter Regiment) arrived in Spain at the end of October 1936. The Republican ground crews in charge of assembling the aircraft called the new fighter Mosca (fly) because of the Russian word MOCKBA written on the...
  6. hesham

    Post-Buran Concepts

    Faster Than Sound The Story of Supersonic Flight, I don't know if it's proper topic to send this here or not ?.
  7. P

    British and French Intervention in German Invasion of Poland

    I am looking for some "professional" advice on an alternate history scenario that has been running around my mind for years: Given the political will to do something immediately about Hitler's 1 Sept 1939 invasion of Poland, did the British and French military have the resources and the assets...
  8. T

    Impregnated plywood

    Anyone know any sources discussing "shpon" the Soviet impregnated plywood and American Duraloid and Duramold?
  9. Dynoman

    Soviet Air Combat Tactics in the Cold War

    I've read numerous books on Cold War histories, which included mention of Soviet air combat tactics, however I've not found one source that described the various air-to-air or air-to-ground tactics that the Soviets employed during the Cold War (either the USSR or their Warsaw Pact allies). This...
  10. uk 75

    Chinese Naval Doctrine

    The growth of the Soviet Navy was symbolised by Admiral Gorshkov and a global maritime exercise (Okean 70). I was wondering if any clue was emerging to Chinese naval doctrine?
  11. Grey Havoc

    35th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  12. fightingirish

    Soviet space-to-space guided missile

    The Russian military has finally revealed the rocket-propelled grenade weapon system developed for the Almaz space station project in the 1970s. Links: :eek: :cool: View...
  13. I

    What is the lock-on range for the R-23T/R-24T missile?

    I am curious about R-23T and R-24T missile since they are a BVR capable weapon that is retrofitted with Infrared Seeker instead of the Radar Seeker. Do you comrades got any idea what is the maximum lock range for the R-23T and R-24T IR seeker head both at rear and front aspect?
  14. I

    Does early R-73 have thrust vectoring capability?

    The early R-73 variant, the R-73A bring question to me. Does that variant was equipped with Thrust-vectoring system? Someone says to me that later R-73 has the thrust-vectoring system but not the early one which is the R-73A. Can someone please explain.
  15. F

    The 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight

    The 12th April is the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. Here’s this weeks Archive on 4 about that historic trip.
  16. Grey Havoc

    Luna 4
  17. Grey Havoc

    Cosmos 954

    View: View: View:
  18. athpilot

    Bartini and his Projects Vol. 4 by Konstantin Udalov and Marek Rys: Combat Ekranoplans

    Удалов К. Г., Рысь Марек Бартини и его проекты. Том 4. Боевые экранопланы. - Москва. 2021 г., 176 с. ISBN: 978-5-4465-3169-1 Hi! I had the opportunity to read Konstantin Udalovs latest book of his publication series about Bartinis work and designs (this is Vol. 4). This time he covers the...
  19. Grey Havoc

    Dmitry Donskoy Typhoon-class (Project 941 Akula) SSBN

    According to one of the coments in the reddit thread below, it is planned for her to shorty become a museum ship in Arkhangelsk. Anyone have any more details on this? View:
  20. Grey Havoc