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  1. Arjen

    Alexei Leonov has passed away

    First man to spacewalk, one of the five on the Soyuz-Apollo flight.
  2. Grey Havoc

    Program-2005 (Soviet Union)

    Came across a couple of documents that mentioned this abortive late 1980s/early 1990s plan for the future of the Soviet (civil) space program out to the year 2005. Included preparatory work & supporting projects, such as Mars '94 and a sample return mission in 1998, for the Mars Expedition...
  3. G

    Unknown Giant Soviet Transport Aircraft

    Hi! Just found this soviet beast. It was meant to have both wheeled and air cushion landing gear. The weight was around 700 tons. Does anybody know more about this giant?
  4. W

    Arkhangelsky paired engine dive bomber

    In 1940, when Kamkin and Rubtsov tendered their project of a dive bomber powered by two sets of coupled M-107 or AM-37 V-12`S, the People`s Commissar of Aircraft Industry, Aleksey Shakurin stated that kind of plane was already proposed by Arkhangelsky, having dropped the idea on account of bad...
  5. overscan (PaulMM)

    NPO Istok "Soyuz-Sintez" Experimental Radar program

    It appears so.
  6. Grey Havoc

    OGAS - a planned Soviet national computer network

    The full name was 'The All-State Automated System for the Gathering and Processing of Information for the Accounting, Planning and Governance of the National Economy, USSR' (OGAS being a Russian acronym for the first four words). It has been described as the 'Soviet Internet'. It might be more...
  7. F

    Proton rocket to cease flying
  8. blackkite

    Arkhangelsky high speed bomber SBB-1 and dive bomber SBB-2

    Hi! Arkhangelsky high speed bomber SBB-1 and dive bomber SBB-2.
  9. Meteorit

    X-30A COPPER CANYON and Tupolev Tu-2000A

    My 3D models of two comparable 1980s SSTO projects: This one is meant to represent the "Government baseline" vehicle that was the end result of the $5.5-million COPPER CANYON study program run in 1984-1985, and input for NASP Phase 2. It was scaled up somewhat from the initial "du Pont...
  10. Antonio

    Tupolev Tu‑160: Soviet Strike Force Spearhead Publication date: november 2016 Is this going to be just a revision of the original Red Star excellent monographic...
  11. S

    Little known Lithuanian aircraft

    I am by no means conversant with the aviation of Baltic countries, but I have a handful of Lithuanian aircraft on my HD, all from the 1980s... perhaps these may be of interest to some? Maybe some more light could be shed upon them? Kyansgayl Aushra Kizhis Varnye Konchus Antis Vaineikis Exzotica
  12. hesham

    Arkhangelski B-2 Dive-Bomber Project & B-1

    Hi, the Arkhangelski B-2 was a dive-bomber project,all details you can find it here;
  13. Avimimus

    Soviet Flexible Gun mounts in the 1980s (turretted Su-27? 45mm armed Su-25?)

    Of course, we've all heard of the SPPU-22, SPPU-6 and maybe SPPU-687... but what exactly with the SPPU-30's intended role? What about the other flexible gun mounts under development in the early 80s? Some information on the PP-27 mobile gun mount for the Su-27...
  14. S

    Antonov's OKA-38 "Aist" - Soviet copy of the Fieseler Storch

    Here is the Antonov OKA-38. Not only was it an obvious copy of the German Fieseler Fi 156 Storch, it was also Antonov's very first aircraft (until then he had only designed and built gliders and motor gliders). On top of its OKA- designation, it was also designated as the ShS, and was developed...
  15. Spook

    Progrev-T Tank

    Progrev-T Tank All i know is that this tank had a mig jet engine on its turret and it was suppose to destroy mines. Any more information will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  16. overscan (PaulMM)

    Mukhamedov OKB - Military, Civil and VTOL concepts

    Seeing as there seems to be some confusion about these designs and we don't seem to have a topic - In 1992, Fatadin Mukhamedov registered two patents for aircraft designs, a high capacity airliner and a manouverable trainer/light fighter aircraft. In 1993, he was involved with Eurasia, one...
  17. Michel Van

    Manned "Cloudbase" in Venus Atmosphere

    Cloudbase is the fictional skyborne headquarters of international security organisation Spectrum, from Gerry Anderson's science fiction television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Years later the British Interplanetary Society proposed so a Cloudbase, but for Atmosphere of Venus ! In...
  18. flateric

    Ilyushin Il-102

    Avico Press offers a reprint of extremely rare, in-house Ilyushin Design Bureau 44-page album, fully dedicated to this rare bird, a Soviet analogue of Northrop A-9 in terms of unlucky fortune. CD-ROM edition USD $30 For ordering fill a request form at
  19. J

    Space Stations launched by N1

    Th N1 rocketwas built back in the 60's by the USSR to put a man on the Moon, but I have read that it also had the goal of launching heavy military space hardware, including space stations, and putting it in Earth orbit. I konow the Almaz project and the Polyus satellite, but the former were...
  20. Abraham Gubler

    WWII Assault Tanks

    During WWII the British Army came up with the idea of an Assault Tank to defeat German emplaced anti tank guns (PAK) via artillery suppression. Trialled with Churchills the idea was that the assault tank unit would advance into a friendly artillery bombardment that would suppress the anti tank...