What the hell is this?


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1 April 2006
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looks like solid rocket cluster for a Mini shuttle from early 1960s

but i got no info abut this
What a pretty find, Mr.Bond=) I even can feel how this page smells with mouses) Thank you!
the paper say explorer 6 must be around year 1959

in that time were a lot "Cluster last stand" proposals

Convair Juno 5 => Saturn I
Martin Arcturus build from Titan 1 first stage tanks and engine
first stage 7 x tanks with 2 x F-1 engine, second stage 4 x Tanks 4 x LR-91 ?, third stage 1 x Tank with 1 x LR-91

Aerojet General, Thiokol proposed soild rocket cluster

new to me is that the Boeing Cluster was Solid fueled
so this Boeing rocket is a cluster from M55A1 stage ( Minuteman 1 first stage ) ?
Barrington Bond said:
Is it these?

Hi Barry,

Picked this up from one of your postings feet in the sand —just adding this about the UK Government fix in December1959 .

At the time it was stated that the Royal Society’s original proposals for space research were based on an all-British programme of satellite research using Blue Streak and Black Knight". this was suppressed
(I understand this was also expected to eventually lead to an all British/Commonwealth manned space programme).
The Royal Society‘s Advisory Council on Scientific Policy (A.C.S.P.) panel was then created and was composed of “an ornithologist, a doctor, a botanist, a zoologist, a physiologist, an agriculture expert, a nuclear physicist, and an aircraft designer” but note NO ONE with the requisite expertise or relevant experience to give informed advice or argument. There was a comment about the aircraft designer and biplanes. Any comments about UK Goverment attitudes.

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