« Saegeh »: an Iranian twin-fin derivative of the F-5 fighter

Probably the Saegeh: reverse engineered and " improved" F5

Hmmm ... that canopy looks more MiG-29 than F-5.

Saegeh is usually shown with 'V' vertical fins. This model has uncanted vertical fins and small ventral fins to boot.

There was that Saegeh prototype that seemed to have a raised wing position. This aircraft's wings are positioned almost mid-fuselage. I suspect a bit of Iranian propaganda/wishful thinking.
I do remember hearing about a mid-wing F-5 rebuild type...
It almost, *almost* looks like a crudely made JH-7A in Iranian colours, IMHO. Or am I going nuts?
Firefly said:
Trident, I can follow you, but then it's a JF7 with MIG 29 tail...

Surely not, as there's no JF-7 ... maybe You mean a JF-17 "Thunder" = FC-1, but that looks very much different !

As this is only the last of I think at least three older pictures showing more or less the same type I think it's that rumoured F-17-look alike based on the F-5 and/or the technical data from the F-17. Sometimes a designation F/B-44 or Project 3010 is mentioned with that !

Otherwise this mid-wing F-5 shown some time ago is most likely a photoshoped fake based on the few Azarakhsh and the two or three Saeqeh (= twin tailed Azarakhsh).

Regarding Trident's idea with the JH-7 he's meaning the Chinese fighter-bomber.

Good call about the twin tails though, I doubt the model is THAT crude. I dare say the JH-7 can be ruled out now ;)
It might represent what the Iranians envision their F-5-based program to be ultimately headed to. Airliners.net has some interesting threads on this:


One of them is basically an F-5 with a mid-level wing, and there's speculation that they've been trying to enlarge the airframe for bigger radar and engines. This might be such an aircraft (it looks bigger overall, looks like it has a different, larger radome and would explain the MiG-29-like canopy)
That looks like a combination of the two prototype F-5 mods that the Iranians have flown thus far. One had two fins and the other had a mid mounted wing. I have expected to see something like this for some time. My suspicion is that they will try and fly it in the coming years.
Iran's Saegheh fighter. Nothing but a tricked-out F-5.


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I have to admit that the twin tailed F5 variant is pretty nice looking, but upon inspection it looks like they have had some pretty serious structural issues with the verticals as they have some rather large external doublers on them.

All they did was give it new twin tails and a shiny paint job. Even if the Saegheh had 20inch rims, hydros, and a sound system, it would still just be a tricked-out F-5.

You'd think they took it to PIMP MY RIDE or something. Hell, Xzibit's probably chillin out in the hangar. :p

Then they went and copied the Blue Angels' paint job for the later prototypes.


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Not sure if this is from the same program (Saegeh) or a follow-on to that program (Shafagh?).


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The pic for which this thread was first created isnt the Saeqeh..other pics of it exist and shows its a Single Engine fighter not a twin engine design like the Saeqeh. It's not a very modern modern design but an interesting one. This model has been seen for many years now, mostly really closeup and fuzzy pics and I think they publish them just to throw people off. No one really knows what it is, likely an Iranian concept from the 90's.

The previous image posted has also been on the net for many years (along with a supposedly picture of it flying but looks very PS), its an interesting concept but unknown if it even is an Iranian design at all or a hobbyist having fun with us, but it has been around for sometime so who knows..
NEW "Saegheh" fighter, this time as twin-seater.

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