Convair "Advanced Tactical Fighter"

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27 December 2005
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What the hell is this thing? Early 1970s flyer via Facebook.


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Very small and as it seems, not fitted with a conventional landing gear ...
Some kind of parasite fighter ?
Perhaps something akin to the French Baroudeur: a tactical fighter able to operate from unprepared airstrips or soft ground (using skids)
Maybe a Control Configured Vehicle, tailsitter or hydroski set up?
I don't remember the name of the program/study, but in the 70's, wasn't there a design study for a microfighter? I don't mean the one carried by then 747, but I think it's related. Somewhere on this site is also another concept of a tiny fighter design from Macair shooting down a Foxbat. I think they came about as part of the ATF/Tactical supercruise research I'm doing. I know Grumman also had another low cost fighter study, but it wasn't as small as that GD or Macair design.
I think you're referring to the Boeing Microfighter. Delta with verticals on the wingtips, ventral inlet.
More evidence that the folks at Fort Worth were open to crazy ideas.
This does look like some kind of micro parasite fighter.
I can't quite make out the missiles under the nose (assuming they are missiles?). They look quite stubby for AAMs.
I think this is the concept you were referring to, Sundog:


It was one of McDonnell-Douglas's Vectored Lift Fighter concepts.

On a side note, the image above is actually linked in from the 'Smallest possible interceptor for small nation with stealth feature' thread, due to that image attachment problem that affects a lot of the older posts on SPF.
Image of slightly better quality:
early 1970s
the USAF issue a study about Flying Aircraft Carrier carrying "micro fighters"
Boeing study this ample on the carrier and it's fighter
The 1973 Oil price shock and change in air combat tactics let to the end of both concepts.

I think Convair study also on micro fighters, but under precursor programs, that later let to F-16

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