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Vickers vanjet


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Jan 26, 2007
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Does any of you have more info about this VC-10 early study? From http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/aircraft/types/vickers-vc10.htm
Development History:
Vanjet VC10 Mk IProjected tri-jet medium range transport with Valiant-style wing with curved inboard leading edge. Vanguard fuselage, mid-set tailplane. 3 x rear-mounted RR Avon engines with centre unit in S-duct.
Vanjet VC10 Mk IIEvolved tri-jet project with new wing with straight leading edge. 80-100 seats, 4/5 abreast.
Vanjet VC10 Mk IIIEvolved tri-jet project. Modified Vanguard fuselage, three rear-mounted RR Avon engines, mid-set tail. Nov 1956.
Vanjet VC10 Mk IVEvolved tri-jet project. 72-108 passengers, 4/6 abreast. Boeing 727-style larger centre engine intake. T-tail. Later modified with 4 engines in pairs for BOAC.
Vanjet VC10 Mk VPenultimate form of Vanjet tailored for BOAC requirements. 4 RR Conway RCo 10 engines in shared intakes. Acorn fairing below fin-top of T-tail. Vanguard cockpit shape replaced. 3000 miles range.


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Jun 25, 2009
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Copy-pasting directly from other web pages often doesn't work too well, especially if there are tables, which was the case here...
A piece of advice: copy-paste to the Wiindows Notepad (or Mac equivalent) and THEN cut-paste here. This will remove all additional and undesirable code.
You can always recreate the bold type or italics afterwards if you want.

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Dec 27, 2005
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Funny you should mention that. I just installed a new text editor today but it had some odd quirks so I reverted. The new editor handled tables much better (see edit above).


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Sep 6, 2006
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Richard Payne's 'Stuck on the Drawing Board' reproduces a Vickers design progression diagram on p.51 showing planform drawings of; Jet Viscount (4x Nene), Vanguard fuselage with Valiant wings (3x Avon), Vanguard with swept wings (4x B.E.47S in underwing pods), Vanguard with Scimitar wing form (including dog-tooth) (3x Avon), October 1956 Vanjet (3x Conway) and the VC.10 as finally envisioned.
The Valiant wing equates to the Mk I, the Oct 56 design to the Mk IV but the other planforms don't fit into that list quite so easily.

The Putnam Vickers book has details of the Vanjet VC10 Mk III. The text identifies three GA drawings, two entitled Medium Range Jet transport and one Vanjet Mk III Scheme 4, all being undated. Data is given for Schemes I-III, the I have 16 cabin windows, II 22 and III back to 16 windows with a shorter fuselage. Schemes I & II were 110ft long, III 98.5ft, span varied; 101.5ft (I), 113.5ft (II), 93.5ft (III). Payload for I & II was 17,000lbs and 14,000lbs for III. All had three RA.29 Avons.

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