Some Vickers Vanguard Projects

From my own collection of purchased photographs which have been scanned; (purchased this afternoon at The Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts' Fair at Kempton Park Racecourse), a black & white photograph of a manufacturer's model of an early V.950 Vanguard design (with short engine exhausts); provenance & © unknown, likely © Vickers Armstrong Ltd......

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Wasn't there a proposal for a jet powered version of the Vanguard called the Vanjet? It was mentioned in Chris Gibson's book "On Atlas' Shoulders" . It stated that the Vanjet study was then merged with the Vickers VC.7 study, which eventually led to the VC 10. Does anyone have ant artwork, drawing or articles on the Vanjet?

Also, does anyone have any further drawings or information regarding Vanguard related projects? I know for certain that there were various maritime patrol variants designed for Coastal Command in the same requirement as that of the HS.801 Nimrod and featured in previous requirements.
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The first two images of the Vanjet come from Stuck on the Drawing Board and the 2nd pair from Derek Wood's Project Cancelled.
I am making a video of the Vanguard and the designs leaden up to the 951/2/3 and also the developments after leading up to the VC10. I would really like to see any details and illustrations, hopefully of high enough quality to reproduce in the video. I assume the book is long out of print.

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