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Various Henschel projects


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Mar 30, 2013
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Hi! Excellent drawings.
I 'm not sure the meanig of these drawings but I imagine that Justo-san or Ed-san already know. Each radiator shape are different.  
At least the color drawings that you posted are What-If material. When Logan was making these, I was sort of hoping that he would do a Heinkel He 100 with a DB 605 engine....


I really should change my personal text
May 22, 2013
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Something really puzzling/interesting is the linked Jumo 213. Junkers Motoren wasn`t very keen on these "gruppenmotoren" given Daimler-Benz`s bad experience. Nevertheless they toyed with this idea in the Jumo 212 (2xJumo 213) or the Jumo 215 (2xJumo 214), according Reinhard Müller`s "Junkers Flugtriebwerke".

I suppose the glittering prize for a successful linked engine was a lot of power for a relatively modest increase in drag. Calum would know better than I why they persisted with the idea so long. I actually asked Calum whether the British ever considered linking two Merlins - he said he would be surprised if it had never been suggested but there was no known evidence of it.
It was one of those ideas whose advantages were obvious and whose disadvantages less obvious. Once the He 177 was in production, there was no real alternative that didn' involve major modifications (and unacceptable delays). Not enough time to do it right, but plently of time to make never ending series of minor changes that, while overcoming some of the problems, never provided a fully satisfactory result. Then the DB "Power System" engines were even adopted for the Ju 288.

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