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26 May 2006
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we are here will speak about a little known aircraft and projects from all
countries of Europe except France and Germany because they have a
special topics.
from Spain;Hispano HS-50 was a low-wing single seat fighter ,very look like
the Dewoitine D.520.
from Czechoslovakia:there was a competition for a medium bomber during the 1930s,
the main contenders: Aero A.206,Avia B-158,CKD-praga E-48 and Letov S-43;
which led to develope Aero A.300.
we know the Avia B-158 and A.300,do you have a drawings to the other contenders ?.

do anyone hear about that competition ?.
QUOTE- Hispano HS-50 was a low-wing single seat fighter ,very look like the Dewoitine D.520 QUOTE

In 1944 Emile Dewoitine went to spain with its D-550 project
(a 1300 hp D-520). Hispano Suiza wanted the plane and named it the HS-50. Only one mock up was built, because Me-109s "Buchon" were available in numbers...
There was an article on the plane in "Le Fana de l'Aviation" recently (can't remember the number).
Thanks red admiral,
the Piaggio P.119 was well known,but the other projects I have not any drawings to them.
from Italy:
Breda BZ-401: was light reconnaissance bomber seaplane.
Breda BZ-408 : was float version of BZ-308 transport aircraft.
CANT Z-1003 : was land plane version of Z-506C.
CANT Z-1017 :three engined torpedo bomber.
Hallo my dears,

please answer my question.
My dears,

I don't speak to myself.
there are anther little known aircraft from Czechoslovakia,and if any
member have a more informations, please tell us:
Letov S-44 single seat fighter,S-49 bomber,S-52 training pilot aircraft,
S-56 twin boom light bomber and S-57 seaplane.

Bulgaria DAR aircraft:
DAR-4 :three engined light passenger transport biplane aircraft.
DAR-11 :single seat monoplane fighter,prototype only.

the rest of DAR aircraft was mentioned in :
From Belgium,

Renard R-42: high altitude fighter.
Renard R-45: twin boom four engined transport aircraft,project.
Stampe-Vertongen SV-18: lightweight monoplane with a 120 hp Gipsy III engine.
Stampe-Vertongen SV-18M: two seat touring aircraft.
Stampe-Vertongen SV-18MA: single seat monoplane fighter.
TsrJoe said:
ones id love to see are the unbuilt Finnish designs by Valmet etc. such as the DB. powered Mosquito derivation...

Colour profile ...

Site ...

Discussion ...

someone must have a drawing of this one out there?...

...and developments of the VL. Pyormyrsky fighter!

I should have my scanner up and running again soon so ill post up some of the pre Myrsky and pre Pyoromyrsky designs iv come across over the years in various books etc.!

cheers, Joe

Hi Joe!

I have some line drawings of the V.L. Pyorremyrsky (Whirlwind) if this is what you're looking for.

UNKNOWN! (Volume 1)
Authors/Illustrators: J. Miranda & P. Mercado
Publishers: Reichsdreams Research Services

Here's some of the Tech Data given by the authors:
Type:....................Single-seat Interceptor Fighter

Wings:....................Wood structure and cladding. Control surfaces with metallic structure and fabric cladding.
Fuselage:................Steel tube structure and aluminium cladding cladding in the forward area. Wooden structure and cladding in the rear. Armoured seat and windshield.
Landing Gear:..........Main wheels retracting inboard. Retractable tail wheel.

Wingspan:................10.40 m
Length:....................9.25 m
Height:.....................3.89 m

Maximum Weight:......3310 kg

ENGINE:....................One (1) 12-cylinder [inverted-"V"] liquid-cooled Daimler-Benz DB 605 A-1 @ 1,475 hp
Propeller:...................One (1) three-bladed V.D.M. 9 controllable-pitch propeller of 3 m diameter
Fuel Tanks:.................One (1) of 460 lt behind the pilot and Two (2) detachable ones under the wings of 150 lt each

MAXIMUM SPEED:.........620 km/h

ARMAMENT:.................Two (2) LKK/42 12.7 mm machine guns over the engine; One (1) MG 151/20 20 mm gun shooting through the propeller shaft; Attachment points under the wings for two (2) 200 kg bombs

I hope this is what you were looking for!



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I have to wonder if there were any post-war derivatives of the V.L. Pyorremyrsky studied. such as ones using an engine from the winning side such as a Merlin or Griffon.

CASA III :tandem two seat parasol wing sporting monoplane powered by one 120 hp
De Havilland Gipsy III inline piston engine.
EKW M.8 :two seat general purpose biplane powered by one 300 hp Hispano-Suiza
engine,not enter production.
Sorry – but what nationality is V.L. Pyorremyrsky ???

dear Pioneer, I think it was Finland.

Oscar (Hungary) AH-4 :was the fourth helicopter developed by that designer
powered by 110 hp Cleget rotary engine driving coaxial rotors.
D'Ascanio (Italy) helicopter of 1930s :experimental light helicopter powered by
one 95 hp Fiat engine driving coaxial rotors.
Florine (Belgium) :experimental helicopter was built and flown in 1933,no more
Hesham, please do not keep on posting topics which simply list endless different projects with no connections. Its not very constructive.

If you wish to post lists of aircraft, do it in "Designation Systems" in threads for each manufacturer. That is the proper place for such threads.

Posts in "Postwar Projects" and "Early Projects" should either be about a particular aircraft, or a sensible theme. The aim is to make a useful database, and that makes it essential to post sensible topics.
What? Another pointless 10-page topic? Must be dismembered at once!

If you see any other such threads, folks, please let me know by PM.
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