Praga E-52 Twin Boom Single Seat Fighter Project


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26 May 2006
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in 1936 the Czechoslovakia Air Force issued a request to a four categories for aircraft;
Type I single seat fighter,Type II two-seat fighter/attack aircraft,Type III three-seat
day/night observation aircraft and Type IV multi-place day/night light bomber.

For Type I contest,the main tenders were; Aero A-7 (or A-107),CKD-Praga E-52 and
Avia B-35 (the winner),the Praga E-52 was twin boom single seat fighter project,it
was powered by two 220 hp Renault engines,its dimensions data was length 8.4m
wing span 11.0m and height 2.95m,only the full-scale mock-up was built.

MBI Avia B-35 & B-135.


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I think a little influence of that aircraft of 1936 appeared on Lockheed P-38 of 1937.
I am not so sure about the influence on the P-38, hesham, as I think there were a lot of similar designs on paper during that period.

The Moskalev SAM-13, also a light fighter powered by twin Renault Bengali engines, makes an interesting comparison to the Praga E-52.


Technical data
Type: SAM-13
Function: Experimental
Year: 1940
Crew: 1
Engines: 2 x 236hp Renault Bengali MV-6
Length: 7.85m
Wingspan: 7.30m
Wing area: 9.0m2
Empty weight: 745kg
Loaded weight: 1183kg
Wing Load (kg/m2): 131
Power load (kg/hp): 7
Speed at 0m: calculated 463km/h
Speed at ?: calculated 680km/h
Landing Speed: 125km/h
Range: calculated 850/2000km
Ceiling: calculated 10000m
Armament: 4 x mg 7.62mm

I wonder if anyone has any projected performance figures for the Praga or details on the proposed armament?
The layout chosen for the E-52 is not so strange when you consider that Praga had used the same layout for its Type II contender in the shape of the E-51. Source was, although we did have a copy of this amongst the archives of Aerospace Publishing, my old employer, which I believe came to us via William Green.
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What is the source dear Victor ?.

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