Tupolev Tu-330

Type: Twin-turbofan freight transport.

Program: Announced Spring 1993 as replacement for Antonov An-12. First ten scheduled to be built at Kazan. First flight was scheduled for 1997 with service to begin in 1998.

Design features: Wing design basically similar to Tu-204; engine pylons as Tu-204; rear loading ramp.

Flying controls: Each wing has four-section leading edge flaps, three-section trailing edge flaps, eight spoilers forward of flaps, and aileron. Elevators and rudder each in two sections.

Landing gear: Retractable tricycle type; twin-wheel nose unit; each main unit three pairs of wheels in tandem.

Powerplant: Two Aviadvigatel PS-90A turbofans. Rolls-Royce, General Electric, and Pratt & Whitney turbofans under consideration for export sales. Proposed cryogenic-fuelled version with Samara NK-94 engines and 20,000 kg (44,092 lb) of liquid natural gas is designated Tu-338.

Dimensions, external:
Wing span over winglets: 43.50 m (142 ft 8.5 in)
Length overall: 42.00 m (137 ft 9.5 in)
Height overall: 14.00 m (45 ft 11.25 in)
Rear loading ramp (length, width): 4.00 (13 ft 1.5 in)

Dimensions, internal:
Cargo hold: Length 19.59 m
Width: 4.00 m (13 ft 1.5 in)
Height: 3.55 m (11 ft 7.75 in)

Wings, gross: 196,5 sq m (2,115,2 sq ft)

Weights and loadings:
Design payload: 35,000 kg (77,160 lb)
Max take-off weight: 103,500 kg (228,175 lb)

Performance (estimated):
Nominal cruising speed at 11,000 m (36,000 ft) 431-458 kts (800-850 km/h; 497-528 mph)
Nominal range: with 20,000 kg (44,090 lb) payload 3,020 nm (5,600 km; 3,480 miles)
with 30,000 kg (66,135 lb) payload 1,620 nm (3,000 km; 1,865 miles)

Source: Jackson, Paul editor. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1995-1996. Jane's Information Group 1995 page 397.
Line drawing of Tupolev Tu-338 variant powered by both liquid natural gas (LNG) and aviation kerosene burning Samara NK-94 engines. Aviation kerosene is stored in wing fuel tanks and liquid natural gas is stored in upper fuselage fairing designed to minimize aerodynamic drag.

Source: http://www.tupolev.ru/English/Show.asp?SectionID=82&Page=2


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Tu-330 cutaway.
Source: Aviatsiya i Kosmonavtika No.12/2000, p.35 (V.Rigmant's article from cycle "Under "ANT" & "Tu" marks).


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In its early stages the Tu-330 was also referred to as the Tu-204-330 due to it's '75% structure commonality' with the Tupolev Tu-204.

Not to be confused with the Tu-204-300 (Tu-234), the shortened and longer-range derivative of the Tu-204.

Source: Tupolev - Today and Tomorrow (Tupolev Booklet dating from the mid-90's)


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The attached press release from Tupolev, dating from 1996, outlines the companies idea for the future use of cryogenic fuels and the justification for the firms commitment to development.

As well as briefly covering the Tu-155/Tu-156 program it also touches on the use of Tu-204 (Tu-204K -> Tu-206 -> 206K), Tu-230, Tu-330 and Tu-334 in LNG projects.

The document also covers the proposed distribution of such fuels to remote parts of Russia via Tu-330 tanker and Aerosleighs (remember the Tupolev AC-2?)


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Deino said:
Uppsss ... :eek: I did not know that there was a fuselage mock-up !

Occasionally was exploring its guts on a Thursday...
The main activities of "Tupolev" are further developing the program and Tu-204/214 family of aircraft Tu-334, the development of the middle class cargo aircraft Tu-330, a regional administrative and Tu-324, works on the practical implementation of aircraft in operation on alternative fuels as well as the modernization of long-range aircraft and naval aviation.

Read full article: http://top.rbc.ru/events/25/12/2013/896973.shtml

PS: And the board meeting took place in future it seems. ;)
flateric said:

Amazing find my dear Flateric.


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Fan diameter's grown a whole bunch, interesting.
The remaining slides.



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Reading that link above from Tass in 2019, does anyone know what the actual status is of this project?
Is it dead and buried?

I know Illyushin have their Ill-276, but this appears to be a lighter aircraft, with a payload around the 20 ton range.
The Tu-330 seems to be in the 30 ton range, with a maximum take off weight 30% heavier than than the Illyushin.

Are these two aircraft both aimed at the same medium aircraft requirement - to replace the An-12?

There were reports in 2020 that the Russian authorities selected the Illyushin design.

I'm asking because the Tu-204/214 has benefitted from new production orders in the last couple of months, so was wondering if this has changed the dynamic related to this programme.
I'm also aware that what I read in translated articles here in the west is often distorted by whomever is publishing the article, either by mistranslation or omission by design.

Flat Eric, do you perhaps know anything about this?
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Dunno what they 'have selected' but there was no any SVTS model at ArmyExpo'22 at UAC stand...
It's hard to get solid information.
I assumed the Ill-276 was selected, based on "reports" and India's initial (now cancelled) interest in that platform.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

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