Ilyushin Il-112

official UAC leaflet of ill-fated Il-112


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If so it will be very sad news indeed,Ill hope some one has the official message of the cancellation of this very promising project
no, it's not cancelled...but will suck much more from budget
design with implemented flaws from the beginning
let's stop at this and wait 2013


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Il-112 officially dead for a while
GTX said:
Quite an attractive design.

I Agree GTX!!

I particularly appreciate the Soviet / Russian appreciation for the non-intrusive wing box arrangement of their transport/cargo aircraft designs! -As is the case with the IL-112 design. Something the West has for to longer neglected as an important operational factor in its designs, which effects operational practicality and limitations in carrying capacity (If my memory serves me correctly, I think the Airbus A400M is the first Western design to incorporate this in its design). Add to this the overhead gantry system appreciated and incorporated in Soviet/Russian designs!!
The Ilyushin Il-112 design must have one of the most laboured births ever!

The leaflet below was given to me at a Redhill Helitech Exhibition in 1991 and shows the design at that stage (all in Russian).

It was a high wing design, with a T-tail powered by a pair of TV-7-117 engines.

Available at that stage as a 32 passenger or 11 Business ("Administration") version.

Length: 20.0m
Wing Span: 21.0 m
Height: 5.4 m
Top speed: 600 km/h
Normal Ceiling: 5,000 m
Practical Range: 1,500 miles in passenger configuration
Practical Range: 2,900 miles in business configuration


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Ilyushin Il-112T pictures scanned from Air Fleet No. 63 (2.2007):


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"Russia revives Il-112V transport aircraft"
Karl Soper, Washington, DC - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
14 August 2013


lIyushin hopes to receive a contract for 62 Il-112V transport aircraft from the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) before the end of 2013, a spokesman for the design bureau told state news agency RIA Novosti.

The reports are further indication that Russia has revived the twin turboprop aircraft programme, which it effectively cancelled in 2011. The Il-112V is designed to carry six tonnes of cargo to a range of 1,000 km, the Il-112V is the proposed military variant of the Il-112 passenger aircraft concept, which also includes the Il-112T freighter.

United Aircraft Corporation is quoted in Russian business daily Vedomosti as saying the decision to resume Il-112V development was made in July, with an official announcement to be made soon.
IL-112 multi-purpose transport

Design work on this high-wing twin-turboprop transport started in 1994.
- See more at:


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athpilot said:
Here are some nice IL-40 artworks by world of warplanes. very nice.

Very nice artwork Athpilot,

and may be the lower aircraft was Il-42 or Il-102.
athpilot said:
IL-112 multi-purpose transport

Design work on this high-wing twin-turboprop transport started in 1994.
- See more at:

Already document at:,8748.0.html
The Ilyushin web site still has a page entry for the Il-112V variant, although it does not appear to have been updated since 2013 .....

"Light military transport aircraft Il-112V is designed for transporting and parachuting of light weaponry and equipment, cargoes and military personnel, as well as for transporting a wide variety of cargoes when operated in commercial service.

It is capable of auto landing approaches to categorized aerodromes (minimum requirement being ICAO category II) and manual landing approaches to aerodromes poorly equipped with, or having no radio technical equipment."
The Ilyushin Il-112V tactical airlifter for the Russian air force will make its maiden flight in the summer of 2017, according to Yuri Slyusar, president of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). Russia selected the the Il-112V, being developed from the Il-114 airliner, rather than the Antonov An-140T, because of Russia’s poor relations with Ukraine. The new airlifter will replace Russia’s aging fleet of Antonov An-26s, in a program that was first defined in the late 1990s, as the LVTS (Russian acronym for Lightweight Military-Transport Aircraft).

Slyusar revealed the date during a visit to the Voronezh Aircraft Production Plant (Russian acronym VASO) in late October. VASO will build the Il-112 instead of the An-140T, including the prototypes—a task that traditionally was undertaken by the Ilyushin design bureau’s experimental plant in Moscow city. Ilyushin successfully completed wind-testing of scaled models of the Il-112 at the Central Aero-Hydra Dynamics Institute (Russian acronym TsAGI) in 2008-2009, but further work slowed because the Russian MoD opted for the lower-cost An-140T. The Il-112V will be a completely Russian aircraft, including avionics and Klimov Boratyr turboprop engines, a higher-power version of the TV7-117, already flown on the Il-114 and Mil Mi-38.

VASO is currently still building An-148 regional airliners, against orders from the Ilyushin Finance Corp. and some government entities. But this is likely to end soon. Earlier this year VASO and other Russian companies complained that they could not complete new An-148s because of late delivery of parts from Ukrainian vendors, notably the landing gears being supplied by Dnepropetrovsk-based YuzhMash, whose economic situation worsened during Ukraine’s economy downturn.

Earlier, Slyusar said that VASO will continue producing the Ilyushin Il-96 widebody airliner at rate of two to three per year until 2023. These will go mainly to the Russian defense ministry, as air tankers, flying command posts and special mission aircraft, including the air transport detachment serving President Putin and his ministers. VASO is also a key supplier of airframe parts, subassemblies and components to other UAC programs, including Sukhoi SuperJet 100 regional jet; MC-21 next-generation narrow body airliner; Il-76MD-90A strategic airlifter; and Sukhoi T-50 (PAKFA) next-generation fighter.
Large wind tunnel model of the Il-112 at TSAGI.


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Construction of the first prototype has just begun.


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Russian_Defence said:
Fresh images of the 1st and 2nd Ilyushin-112V prototypes - 0101 & 0102 respectively , at TsOS VASO in Voronezh,Russia.
Link (Twitter):
In other news, from back in June:

Triton said:
"Support Grows For Unmanned Tanker, Transport Aircraft"
Jun 11, 2018 Graham Warwick | Aerospace Daily & Defense Report


From surviving in contested airspace to supplying remote areas, interest in unmanned transport and tanker aircraft is growing.

A U.S. Senate committee is proposing funding to “explore options for optionally manned and more survivable tankers,” while Russia’s Ilyushin is studying an unmanned cargo demonstrator based on the Il-112V light transport.

In its markup of the fiscal 2019 defense budget, the Senate Armed Services Committee says it is “concerned about the growing threat to large high-value aircraft” and recommends an increase of $10 million, for a total of $38.4 million, for prototyping a contested environment tanker.

Essential to the operational availability and range of U.S. combat and transport aircraft, the Air Force’s Boeing KC-135 and KC-46A aerial refueling tankers “are manned and increasingly difficult to protect,” the committee says.

“Given the increasingly challenging operating environments our potential adversaries are presenting, it is prudent to explore options for optionally unmanned and more survivable tankers that could operate autonomously as part of a large, dispersed logistics fleet that could sustain attrition in conflict,” it says.

An unmanned tanker prototype could draw on research underway at Boeing to increase the level of automation in its commercial aircraft and to address a looming pilot shortage by introducing supervised autonomy, as well as demonstrations of a robotic co-pilot by subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences under Darpa’s Alias program.

In Russia, meanwhile, Ilyushin has signed a memorandum with Kronstadt Group to create a joint working group to develop an unmanned transport aircraft. Kronstadt is developing the Orion-E, Russia’s first Predator-class medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV.

“It is in our interests to create transport drones that could solve the tasks of cargo transportation to remote areas with difficult accessibility,” says Alexey Rogozin, general director of Ilyushin and vice president for transport aviation at parent company United Aircraft Corp.

The first prototype Il-112V military transport is nearing completion at the VASO aircraft manufacturing plant in Voronezh and is expected to fly this year. Powered by two 3,500-shp Klimov TV7-117ST turboprops, the aircraft has a maximum payload of 11,000 lb. and a range of 1,500 nm with a 7,700-lb. load.

“Given the active development of the Arctic, it can be assumed that aircraft capable of transporting up to several tons of cargo from one point to another in an autonomous mode will be highly demanded,” Rogozin says.

“We want to be technologically ready to open this market. Joint work with [Ilyushin] will allow us to optimize the time and resources, and therefore the first to create answers to market demands,” says Kirill Dybko, executive director of Kronstadt Group.

The first step under the joint working group will be to create a road map for research. Kronstadt’s Center for Advanced Studies and Ilyushin’s Center for Aerospace Technologies in Zhukovsky will be involved in the project. The Myasishchev design bureau, part of Ilyushin, will later become the main focus for the work.

Kronstadt presented a three-stage plan for the introduction of unmanned air cargo services at the Aeronet-18 conference in Moscow on June 1. This begins with “last mile” delivery of small packages, then shifting short- and medium-range freight from land transport to aircraft, and finally regular long-haul cargo transport using unmanned aircraft.

In the medium term, Kronstadt says in a June 1 release, the Aviation Unmanned Transport Network project is being implemented. “A demonstrator of a transport unmanned aerial system is being created and a pilot project on unmanned delivery of goods on a regional scale is being implemented.”

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