russian air force

  1. Grey Havoc

    Russia fires warning shots at British destroyer in the Black Sea Article update:
  2. Avempestad2

    Sukhoi PAK ShA (Attack Aircraft)

    While scrolling through wikipedia, something caught my attention. A Russian aircraft project named "PAK ShA" a proposed replacement to the aging Su-25. It was also called "??? PSS". Since there's literally no info on the web, i wonder if anyone has any information about it, it would be...
  3. Foo Fighter

    SU-25 in the middle east.

    Apparently a sholder launched missile brought down an SU-25 which I find difficult to believe. Do the Russian air force not use an integrated air space mission? Chaff and flares cannot be 100% obviously but overwatch, even drones would seem to be able to provide warnings and covering fire for...
  4. overscan (PaulMM)

    Shershen-EP ("Hornet") ground-attack aircraft based on the Su-25