The Admiralty and AEW: Royal Navy Airborne Early Warning Projects

Hi Chris
With the inclusion of RAF AEW in your forthcoming Battle Flight book, will this mean you deferring this "Air Staff & AEW" book for the time being ?
Hi Chris:

I'm really enjoying Battle Flight. Again a meticulously researched and well written book full of new information.

Now that it is out, do you have an updated expected date for the completion of The Air Staff and AEW? My copy of The Admiralty and AEW is getting lonely!

Thank you very much.
In the April 2013 issue of the French aviation magazine 'Le fana de l'aviation' there is an article about British and French AEW projects written by Alexis Rocher. Data, pictures and drawings (e.g. the Hawker P139) are contributed by Chris Gibson.
The French AEW project SA-X-137 is mentioned.
Note that the Aviation Bookshop have some copies of this at Telford today. If you don't have it, take a look and buy a copy!
CJGibson said:
Don't you boys ever rummage about on Amazon? Most disappointed by your sleuthing skills, so expect a visit from Archdeacon Robert...

Hope the attached BAC A2 will keep you interested.

Seriously, Adrian is finalising the layout as I type and then Ed the Geordie printer will be doing his trick with ink and paper, hopefully before the forthcoming mini ice-age shuts the UK down. Happy to report no photos of Maggie but other scary things, such as aircraft that will give you nightmares.


That's so cool!
One things for sure, if it had of been built and operated, it would have been entitled to the nick name of SLUFF!!

I realise it's been a while since the book was released but then it's also been some time since I started my model of the BAe 146 AEW that has been staring at me for near on seven years. Is there any more information on the aircraft, specifically the saddle tank which is the stage I have got to in my build, but working from the small drawing and only the head on and side views I am having to guess?


I'll see what I have.

PM me with your email address.


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