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27 September 2006
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For those of us who are not much cop at meking kits, much less scratchbuilding what-if types, help is now at hand if you want a model of your favourite what-f plane.

Collectors Aircraft Models in London are now able to provide a hand made (in the Far East of course) wooden desk model to a high standard provided you can let them have a decent three view drawing and an idea of your scheme. I have had a couple of these done. They are not cheap (about 200 to 250 Pounds depending on type and size), but they are well up to the best desk model standards and given the price on Ebay of originals from the States a good alternative.
CAM have a picture in their current magazine of a BAC P45 swing wing they did for me. Details are given under Custom Desktop models on their website.

Alternatively you have to be as skilled as some of the lads on the WhatifModelers site.

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Thats interesting indeed... I'd love to get some models built, but its a bit pricey. Any chance of seeing your BAC P45 at Telford this year?

Having to manage without a car at the moment, so not sure about Telford. However, if I do manage it, I would certainly aim to bring the P45.
CAM have a photo of it in their current mag, and can probably provide an electronic copy. I will check.
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