1954 Sidewinder Missile Prototype Model


Donald McKelvy
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14 August 2009
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Found a 1954 Sidewinder Missile Prototype Model on eBay. Perhaps something for Orionblamblam to put in his "Found on eBay" column in The Unwanted Blog.

1954 Sidewinder Missile Prototype Model Vintage Rocket

1/5 Scale model of the Sidewinder Missile Prototype, XAAM-N-7a1, dated March 1954. Hand crafted, likely by Philco engineers, of machined aluminum and brass. Extremely accurate and detailed, the body is assembled with precision screws. There is an electrical connector that may control the stabilizers, which move in conjunction with each other. There is an accurate-looking IR sensor in the nose, that has a small crack. Overall, the model is 22.25" long. It is in a fitted, custom-made case that appears to have had a carry handle at one time. There is an engraved plaque affixed that reads:



"G&I Div. Philco Corp"

"March 1954"

"1/5 Scale"

The prototype Sidewinder carried the nomenclature XAAM-N-7a1. The Government and Industrial Division of Philco was instrumental in the development of the Sidewinder.

This model was purchased at an estate sale in Annapolis, MD last year. I acquired it from the dealer who found it there.

I have spoken with a couple of advanced collectors of desk models, and they feel that this was more-likely a one-off that was displayed at Philco headquarters. A curator at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum states that while they have several Sidewinder models, they do not have one this early in the program's history. This is your chance to own a piece of American Military History. Model is being sold as-is, as described.

Add $30 for insured shipping in USA, exact cost elsewhere.



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