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2 NEW SPACECRAFT KITS from Stratosphere Models, FREE !!!

Desert Dawn

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Mar 5, 2009
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Now i have a big offer for all collectors, to celebrate its 15th anniversary,
Stratosphere Models have 2 NEW FDL-6 SOMV Classified USAF Lifting Bodies
available !

The FDL-6 SOMV (Sub-Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle) and the FDL-6 Starbody.

Both kits are at 1/100th scale, to scale with the FDL-5, FDL-7 C/D and FDL-7
Model 176 resin kits from Stratosphere Models !! Making this the biggest
collection of AFFDL classified spaceplanes with 6 kits now available !! Only
from Stratosphere Models !

The NEW FDL-6 kits are NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE REAL LOW PRICE OF 0.00$ with each
purchase of any FDL-5 Combat Spacecraft and FDL-7 Model 176 kit from
Stratosphere Models !!!

YES, THAT 1 KIT FREE per purchase !!

NEW 1/100th scale kit FDL-6 SOMV.

NEW 1/100th scale FDL-6 starbody version.

Size comparion between the NEW 1/100th FDL-6 Starbody kit and the 1/48th scale FDL-6 SOMV kit from Stratosphere Models.

The original USAF models from the 1960's.

And the real thing, FDL-6 metal rear fuselage made of tantalum.

Offer is valid for a limited time only.

(Note: no dealers and no manufacturers or distributors on this offer. This
offer is available to private customers only).

Stratosphere Models
Website: Picturetrail.com/stratospheremodels
Email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr