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5 March 2009
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Lockheed/CIA D-21 Mach 4 spy drone (Only 1/48 D-21 resin kit on the market, and the only accurate D-21 kit).
53.98$ US

Mc Donnell/USAF FDL-7 C/D, manned spaceplane, 1/100 (the true shape of the legacy USAF FDL-7 C/D developed at Wright Patterson (AFFDL USAF labs) and the only existing kit of the legacy shape). About 25 cm long.
39.98.00$ US

Mc Donnell/USAF FDL-7 Model 176, manned spaceplane (crew ferry vehicle for the USAF MOL reconnaissance space station), 1/100.
19.98$ US (66% OFF !!!)

Lockheed/USAF FDL-6 SOMV, unmanned spaceplane (documents indicate it may have been developed as a hypersonic platform to deliver nuclear weapons), 1/100.
7.00$ US (More than 50% OFF !!)

Boeing/USAF/NASA X-37 ALTV, unmanned spaceplane using neural network (A.I.) for landing. (Exquisitely detailed kit), 1/48.
54.98$ US

NASA X-38 CRV, Crew Rescue Vehicle, 1/48. Very nice little kit, solid casting.
53.98$ US

Limit of 1 of each model per client/household. (Offer is void for dealers, stores and distributors).
*** Quantities are limited.

Please contact me for the shipping cost to your area at : stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr

Sales prices are valid for the next 3 days only.

Photos of model kits are at :
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