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Desert Dawn

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Mar 5, 2009
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I still have a very limited small surplus of stock that must go. These kits are on sale at 40% OFF FOR 2 DAYS ONLY !

2 in stock: X-37 USAF/DARPA/NASA (1/48). A Very finely detailled kit.

(Regular price 85$ US, Now ONLY 51$ US each !)

1 in stock: D-21 Mach 4 Drone (1/48). The only 1-48th scale resin kit of the D-21, and the first D-21 available with the correct wing shape planform.

(Regular price 85$ US, Now ONLY 51$ US each !)

1 in stock: FDL-7 C/D (it's a big model, bigger & longer than my FDL-5 & my FDL-7 Model 176, and it's a new mold. 1/100 scale & 1/48 scale at once as it can both represent the McDonnell vehicle that would have rotated the crews for the MOL space station in the 1960's or the later MD proposal for a TAV for the USAF during the 70's or 80's. The True shape of the legacy USAF/McDonnell hypersonic military spaceplane).

(Regular price 70$ US, Now ONLY 42$ US each !!).

Please email me for shipping cost.

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