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Oct 9, 2009
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Via Feanor over at the Defencetalk forums:
UVZ has begun work on constructing the Shturm robot. This is a T-72 based unmanned version of the urban assault tank that was proposed on the Armata chassis. It's supposed to carry a short-barreled gun but still 125mm. It's supposed to be based on the T-72B3, so likely the B3M variant, with better all-aspect protection. Variants with rocket pods, and 30mm autocannons are also being considered (essentially a reanimation of the ChTZ BMPT concept).

From back in January of 2020:

Russia’s Ministry of Defense is bringing two robot tank designs in-house, following progress from industry in developing these forms.

The two robots, the heavy tank-like “Storm” or Shturm and the lighter “Ally” or Soratnik, are complementary machines, designed for heavy combat and assisting infantry, respectively. The two tanks represent an effort to incorporate more robotics and more autonomy in force planning going forward.

Uralvagonozavod developed the Shturm while Kalashnikov was responsible for the Soratnik.
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