1. Grey Havoc

    Sir Clive Sinclair, RIP (1940 - 2021)
  2. Grey Havoc

    Shturm and Soratnik series robot tanks (Russian Army)

    Via Feanor over at the Defencetalk forums: From back in January of 2020: Uralvagonozavod developed the Shturm while Kalashnikov was responsible for the Soratnik.
  3. Grey Havoc

    Colonial Pipeline cyberattack
  4. Grey Havoc

    Cohort Program (United States Army Applications Laboratory)
  5. Grey Havoc

    IBM 2nm microchip technology

    ORIGINAL CAPTION: Transistors on the IBM "nanosheet" it uses for the new tech
  6. Grey Havoc

    Mighty Eagle robotic lunar lander testbed program

  7. Grey Havoc

    Effector Payload Module (USN/Strategic Studies Group)

    In a way, a cousin to DARPA's Upward Falling Payload.
  8. Grey Havoc

    Mars Dogs (CoSTAR project) View:
  9. Grey Havoc

    Autonomous Modular Optical Underwater Robot (AMOUR)
  10. Grey Havoc

    RHESE (Radiation Hardened Electronics for Space Environments) Wasn't sure whether to put this here or over in Avionics and Military/Naval electronics.
  11. Grey Havoc

    Chameleon Constellation
  12. J

    Alien hunter

    Designed for fun The Pursuit Bot, with the look of one six-legged yellow spider and the size of a cat, designed to neutralize dangerous lifeforms operating in industrial environments. Mark-9 was built of electroactive polymers and carbon composites, its outer surface coated with graphene...
  13. F

    Mars Sample Return
  14. Grey Havoc

    OGAS - a planned Soviet national computer network

    The full name was 'The All-State Automated System for the Gathering and Processing of Information for the Accounting, Planning and Governance of the National Economy, USSR' (OGAS being a Russian acronym for the first four words). It has been described as the 'Soviet Internet'. It might be more...
  15. sferrin

    Swarms, small drones that could be used in swarms, etc.

  16. F

    Perseverance Rover

    NASA's Next Mars Rover Progresses Toward 2020 Launch
  17. Grey Havoc

    Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (DARPA, late 2000s)

    Since we don't seem to have a dedicated thread for this already:
  18. Grey Havoc

    DARPA Upward Falling Payload

    Paging Mr. David Mace, Paging Mr. Greg Bear. Via Slashdot: DARPA wants to dot ocean floor with network of robotic pods that can spy, explore (NETWORKWORLD)
  19. Grey Havoc

    Hitachi SWAN and RESQ series robots

    Thought this might be topical in light of current events. Both of these series were developed in the early 2000's by Hitachi for use in nuclear accidents. However they appear to have fallen victim to to political shenanigans shortly thereafter. The [final?] SWAN prototype ended up (ironically)...
  20. A

    Robot vechicles on the base of future tank

    Higly protected manned-unmanned systems vith remote control for special situations. Info (in russian) -