Naval Drones

320kg is enough to carry an anti-ship missile, or even two Sea Skuas or similar, or a Mk54 torpedo. ;)
A single Sea Skua or Mk54-like torpedo should be possible.

Torpedo, definitely. Missile with requisite radar might be pushing it.

I did finally find a document about an alternative launcher system that would be well suited to deploying torpedoes from USVs. Instead of the compressed air reservoir in traditional launchers, it uses basically air bag inflators. That's a substantial weight savings.


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I was proposing to launch the missile at relatively close range (few km or less) and have it home on the first ship it sees.

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Alt, video of the attack.

Look like they had a drone go into the blast hole caused by another.

And this class is smaller then the LCS for comparison, they are basically a Osa class with a 76mm. Only 8 meters or 34 feet wide. If its not sunk it basically out of the war.
All 4 Mosquits on board exploded, so exactly zero chance it survived.


Something else is on fire too:

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When viewing the above video of the Ivanovets blowing up and then rapidly sinking stern first, I cannot help but think of the two last photographs taken of the battlecruiser HMS Invincible sinking during the Battle of Jutland - the first with the ship engulfed in flames from stem to stern as its P and Q turret magazines deflagrate, and the second with the bow, sitting on shallow seafloor, protruding nearly vertically out of the water.

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