1. L

    Russian Orlan 10 innards question

    Came across this business insider article on the Orlan 10's rather unusual choices for parts. On one hand seeing how Russia is doing in the Ukraine I'm inclined to believe it however the skeptic in me thinks this article might be bunk. If anyone has further insight into the authenticity of the...
  2. RavenOne

    Mil' Mi-8 Hip 60th Anniversary

    The Mi8 Hip Prototype made its first flight on June 24th 1961 (images courtesy Of Russian Helicopters JSC) So over the years it’s been a pleasure to see either Mi8 or M17 so here are my photos from likes of Farnborough 2016, Heli-Russia 2017, Dubai Air Show 2017 and Austrian Airpower 2019...
  3. Grey Havoc

    Russia fires warning shots at British destroyer in the Black Sea Article update:
  4. Grey Havoc

    Shturm and Soratnik series robot tanks (Russian Army)

    Via Feanor over at the Defencetalk forums: From back in January of 2020: Uralvagonozavod developed the Shturm while Kalashnikov was responsible for the Soratnik.
  5. I

    Does early R-73 have thrust vectoring capability?

    The early R-73 variant, the R-73A bring question to me. Does that variant was equipped with Thrust-vectoring system? Someone says to me that later R-73 has the thrust-vectoring system but not the early one which is the R-73A. Can someone please explain.
  6. athpilot

    Bartini and his Projects Vol. 4 by Konstantin Udalov and Marek Rys: Combat Ekranoplans

    Удалов К. Г., Рысь Марек Бартини и его проекты. Том 4. Боевые экранопланы. - Москва. 2021 г., 176 с. ISBN: 978-5-4465-3169-1 Hi! I had the opportunity to read Konstantin Udalovs latest book of his publication series about Bartinis work and designs (this is Vol. 4). This time he covers the...
  7. Grey Havoc

    Curse of the Wind Witch

  8. Grey Havoc

    Dmitry Donskoy Typhoon-class (Project 941 Akula) SSBN

    According to one of the coments in the reddit thread below, it is planned for her to shorty become a museum ship in Arkhangelsk. Anyone have any more details on this? View:
  9. Grey Havoc

    International Lunar Research Station (Sino-Russian project)
  10. QuadroFX

    Uran-9 UCGV accepted into service by Russian Armed Forces

    22 units delivered View:
  11. QuadroFX

    Russian nuclear propulsion spacecraft "Nuklon"

    Nuclear propulsion spacecraft "Nuklon" / "Нуклон" / "Nucleon" also known as TEM / ТЭМ ( Transport and Energy Module ) / Транспортно-Энергетический Модуль / Transportno-Energeticheskiy Modul' The assembly process has started! :cool...
  12. Grey Havoc

    Sino-Russian new generation SSK project (2020)

    Russia's secret weapon

    Deadly news!!! It became known about the new development of the Russians, its plans in the attachment
  14. Deltafan

    Eastern Mediterranean

    Well, In the midst of the events occurring from Syria to Libya, it seems that tensions are growing dangerously in the area of Cyprus ... among other articles :
  15. Grey Havoc

    Project 10510 nuclear powered icebreaker

    Also somewhat confusingly referred to as the Leader-class, not to be confused with what is now the Project 23560E Shkval-class light cruiser. ORIGINAL CAPTION: The Leader...
  16. Grey Havoc

    Russian 'Flying Train' (2018 onwards)

    This is back in the news again. Via SNAFU - Reminds me of a few projects from the 1920s and 1930s. Also, McDonnell Douglas had a project around the early 1990s for cargo, likely inspired by a Japanese project begun in the 1980s. Original promotional CGI video from 2018 (looks pretty much the...
  17. N

    Space Station (R)alpha

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I want to ask if my fellow members would be willing to post any documents, diagrams, concept art, etc. they may possess describing proposed configurations of the ISS when it was called "Space Station Alpha" back in 1993-4. I am seeking material depicting...
  18. A

    Russia MLD reusable M=7 hypersonic space drone

    Hi, This spacedrone thinggy project looks new to me: Images kept "as is". A.
  19. overscan (PaulMM)

    Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik UAV revealed

    Let the fun begin :) Source:
  20. Grey Havoc

    Russian 2030 moonbase and Luna 25 lander Anyone have anything more on this new program?